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  1. Hi sorry not sure if this reply will go to Eleke 95, But just to let you know I lived nexr yard to Lumbys ice cream and opposite the Albion Pub, do you remember Michael Wilkinson The Collins Family Joan Earnshaw Walter Wales Arthur Butterworth, gosh I could name loads
  2. Gosh who are you, I lived on Sorby Street next to Joe Lumbys ice cream and opposite the Albion Pub, Do you know Michael Wilkinson, I remember all those name you mention also Jack Booth Barry Hobson Jack Turner, gosh I could go on. The Collins Family The Marriott Family,Joan Earnshaw
  3. Hi I went to Burngreave and those teachers you mention were great, Miss Yeats was a disciplinarian, truthfully we could do with people like that now, do you agree??
  4. Hi if you loook closely in the peace gardens in Sheffield you will find Mr Albayas name mentioned on I think its an uprising in Spain.
  5. Hiya, yes I remember John Cutts he had a brother cannot bring his name to mind,Any one know Anne Leybourn Valerie Sykes Vincent Kennady Melvin Knorry??I went to Ellesmere School
  6. Hiya, Where did you live at Pitsmoor, I lived at 9/1 Sorby Street, I knew Joan Earnshaw Michael Wilkinson Keith McDonald Arthir Butterworth my borther was Tony Taylor, any of these names ring a bell, I lived in the next yard to Joe Lumbys ice cream,
  7. Hi there, I attended Ellsmere School from infants to Juniors then Burngreave, do you remember the dreaded Miss Yates, 1946 to 195? then Burngreave after about 1951
  8. Hi I had an aunt called Doris who lived in Watery Street in the area mentioned, but her surname was Taffe then she married Ernest Martin, they kept the pub on Spital Hill where there was a shooting, then they moved to keep the Norfolk Pub in Handsworth Sheffield, she died quite some years ago, my mothers maiden name was Headford born in the Park Area of Sheffield 1912
  9. Hi there, I left Windy House Lane in 1960 sorry cannot help you there,
  10. Hi there, nice to hear from you, but sadly we cannot help you, my husband was born on Windy House Lane on the Manor, in 1939, his brother Harry Hewitt lived at 3 Wulfric Close but sadly he died about 2 years ago, We have had snow this week first about 5'' on Monday then perhaps another 4'' today, aprox 160 schools are closed in South Yorkshire, I did try to reply earlier today to you but think I went about it the wrong way so if you get 2 messages from us, thats the reason why. Its just started snowing again, looks like we could be having a white christmas. ha ha
  11. Hi if you go on http://www.telediscount.com you will find a list of lots of countries and cheap access codes to dial land lines and mobiles, like Germany for 1p per minute, I hope this helps you Cheers EH
  12. Hi have you tried it with sul;tanas in and syrup spread thickly or thinly all over, yummy yummy
  13. As a bikers mum let me say how pleased we are at your good news.
  14. Hi there, have you tried looking in the Sheffield Star under General on things to do page or http://www.SheffieldSteelCityGhostWalks.co.uk
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