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  1. My wife yesterday saw a notice in the Pharmacy at Stannington advising that from July, they won't be opening on Saturdays. I've long had doubts about this branch and how it is run. On frequent occasions they are out of stock of medication and they take an absolute age to dispense the medicines, whilst having a social chit chat amongst themselves. In this day and age when retailing in general is pretty much a 7 days a week operation, they are now deciding to close altogether on Saturdays, having for years closed at 1 p.m. Their inefficiency has already caused me to order my own medication via Echo, where I order online and the medicines are delivered to my home, - usually more quickly than Lo's took to dispense it in person. Some businesses just don't deserve patronage! Do they really want to survive - or are they just running it for their own convenience. I really do wonder.
  2. I've used Hermes to send loads of items that I sold on e-bay. They have usually arrived within 2 days of dropping off at the shop. I usually try to make sure I've dropped the item by midday as the collection is usually between 1 p.m and 2 p.m. Your local shop will be able to give you an idea of the time the items are collected.
  3. Frankly all this panic buying makes my blood boil. 😡 Don't these Neanderthals realise that if everyone shops as normal, there will be plentiful supplies for everyone. It's just so selfish to stack their trollies with products that they don't really need right now. It will serve them right if some of the stuff they buy rots on their shelves at home and they have to throw it away. Obviously things like pasta and toilet rolls won't degrade over time, but fresh food will. The media have a lot to answer for too, enegendering panic. Hopefully those with a little more coomon sense will refrain from the over the top behaviour and carry on as normally as possible.
  4. The junctions on to the highway from all of the car parks are ridiculously narrow and it is clear that whoever designed the layout has made a huge mistake here. It is actually impossible for any vehicle to enter or leave the car parking areas if there is another vehicle coming in the opposite direction. And the OP is correct in that the poor design is causing traffic congestion now that there are more stores open on this development. The problem could be easily resolved by widening the junctions to / from all the car parks - but it would mean losing a few parking spaces. As there are few occasions throughout the year that the car parks are full, this should not be a problem. The question is - will the owners of the development be prepared to: a) recognise the problem b) spend the money to resolve it I somehow doubt it.
  5. My father who was a musician worked with Bobby on many occasions and had great respect for him. In his day on the clubs he was very good. Perhaps the part in Benidorm was not the best, but he was a great fella and when I met him he always had a good word for my father and his standard of musicianship. RIP Bobby.
  6. I assume these "Bright Buses" are the very very old, lime green ones that expel disgusting black smoke from their exhausts as they trundle along our roads. My only experience of them has been when I have been behind them in traffic. I've always wondered why they haven't been pulled in by the authorities for an emissions test, because I feel certain that they do not conform to the required standards. In the light of the above I cannot say I'm sorry that they will no longer be on our roads. Good riddance!
  7. Hi guys, I hope your ideas have come to fruition or will do very soon. I used to sing in local pubs with keyboard musicians - doing songs from the "Great American Songbook" - i.e. Sinatra, Tony Bennett, etc. If you have room for another vocalist I'd be interested in joining you from time to time.
  8. The Council car parks have an evening charge when parking after 4.30 p.m. In some car parks the evening charge is £2 and in others it is £1.
  9. I believe that the off-street car parks are free on Bank Holidays. There should be details on the car park signs and also information on the pay & display machines.
  10. The Saltergate car park is a Pay On Foot car park (where you pay on return to the car park) - not Pay & Display. Pay On Foot machines can and do give change, but in a car park of several hundred spaces, only 2 or 3 pay machines are required. They cost somewhere around £14,000 each if I recall correctly from my time working in the industry. Clearly at that cost even if they were available, it would not be costs effective to use in Pay & Display car parks or on-street parking spaces.
  11. Sorry that is completely incorrect. You have 14 days to pay at the reduced rate of 50% (£35). It only goes up to £105 after at least 60 days and frequently longer than that, depending upon how promptly the formal Notice To Owner has been issued. That in itself is never issued less than 28 days after the Penalty Charge Notice has been issued. In a nutshell, there is ample opportunity to pay the discounted rate and / or appeal.
  12. My understanding is that you need to move to a different position. In theory the parking attendant should have noted your valve positions on the wheels nearest the kerb, when he / she recorded your initial position. If they have change to a different position when he / she returns, then that shows your vehicle has moved. Of course it's a moot point as to whether you have actually left the bay and returned later, but the above is the method used for recording the position of vehicles
  13. I have my car for sale on Autotrader at the moment and yesterday I received a text from a company called Carplunk. Website is Carplunk.co.uk. They have made an offer (car unseen) of close to the price I'm asking for which firstly seems very unusual from a trader. I have checked their website and there are no reviews from previous customers and also I have searched online for reviews. There are none. Their website also claims to have been featured by several national newspapers including the Guardian and the Daily Express. I have searched their websites but can't find any reference to this company. I wonder if anyone on this site has heard of or even dealt with this company? Thanks in anticipation of anyone's help.
  14. Contrary to what some on here have been saying, the Sainsbury's store at Wadsley Bridge is doing OK. The Store Manager keeps the staff up to date on sales on a daily basis. This is an established policy of the company. There is no way that it will be closing in the foreseeable future. In fact come the pre-Christmas period, it will probably exceed its sales targets. Added to the above, it really is the BEST place to shop as far as the overall shopping experience is concerned. Nice wide aisles, well stocked shelves, friendly staff and their policy of keeping enough check outs open to ensure queues of no more than one behind the person being dealt with, means that customers rarely have to spend time queuing. Overall a fantastic shopping experience. Lastly - there's a Toy Sale on at the moment. Parents of young children may be interested!
  15. Here is the link to the web page. From here you can apply on line. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/roads/travel/driving/parking/parking-permits/visitor.html
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