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  1. Hi , I'm in a bit of a dilemma about letting my daughter spend time at the weekend with her grandmother. She has always been in our bubble and had Christmas with us but after the Jan 21 announcement my wife seems to think shes not allowed to go . My mum lives on her own and usually has my daughter for some company on sundays . I've looked online and it still says something about single adults living alone can still have bubbles . Can someone shed some light on this as the internet is like a minefield with this
  2. It had a picture of kirt cobain on it saying R.I.P back in the day
  3. jobsworth , i for one am going to continue to drive my remapped vw diesel whatever the outcome
  4. ive got 6k towards a newer car but dont want to waste my doe if its not going to be worth nothing or were going to get ripped off , i just heard the tax bands on cars are going up , dont know if its brand new cars or older diesels after april 2018
  5. It's like a mine field .doesn't anything about the new tax rate from 2018 .and if it's best to buy a car around a 13 plate now or save up and get a better one after April . I need figures lol
  6. hi im currently inbetween cars , sold my volvo D5 and bought a focus cheap to stop gap me through the winter , i need to know whats happening to older diesel cars from april 2018 , is the tax on them going up a band or does this only apply to new diesels , im after a passat bluemotion that is currently £140 a year from april 2017 , dont know whether im best getting it before april or just save up and get something after april a bit better , the net is like a mine field any advice would be great , thanks
  7. ill try and put some photos on here to see if you reconise anyone:hihi: ---------- Post added 11-05-2017 at 18:19 ----------
  8. ive got a amazon account but not the rip off prime
  9. hi im going to buy my daughter a tablet for her birthday but no idea what to get , ive seen a kurio 2 thats android at a good price £50 and ive seen the amazon fire for around £49 ive only ever had android things and have no idea about the amazon fire , do i have to pay every month to run a fire tablet or do i have to subscribe to them . any advice would be great thanks:)
  10. thanks for all the advise , i ended up going to specsavers and buying a set at £25 , can see great with them now , like hd.
  11. Thats great .i just want to be spending daft money for reading glasses .just wondered if the numbers on my form ment owt .cheers
  12. does anyone know what happened to any 80s players from shiregreen and frechville or anymore pics from that era:)
  13. hi ive been perscribed reading glasses but im really short on cash and ive seen some in tk max for a fiver but they say 1.00+ , or 2.00+ , 2.50+ 3 and 3.50+ ive seen some i really like but knowing what these mean as to what my pescription says in another matter , boots want £39 which im not going to pay. on my perscription it says..... single vision lenses , anti reflective coating , sphere +0.75 os distance acuty 6/6 ns left acuty 6/6 ns right thats all it says for someone that understands it:help:
  14. hi im after knowing what today has made in kwh for the sheffield area on lets say a 3 to 3.5 kwh mine is a 12 panel system with samil inverter and has only made 0.56kwh all day today 30th oct 2016 if you can pop and look for me that would be great , cheers
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