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  1. Hi Kathryn, Its Gill here, Joan Allens sister! We wanted to get some information about Cyril, for a family tree, Joan doesnt have much information, and my Mum now has dementia and has forgotten everything. Gill
  2. Nellie Crownshaw born 1921 in Hoyland Road Neepsend. Had 6 older brothers, married Cyril Allen during the war, who later died in early 1950's from TB. Her daughter is trying to fill in some blanks in the family tree, as Nellie is going to be 90 at christmas. Many thanks
  3. Buon Deli on Glossop Road, is really nice, the owner is the brother of Marco (of @ Milanos) and food is good.
  4. Hi Thanks, will do that, off to physio now, to get this wrist working again! Gill
  5. Hi there, I would love to come along on some of your walks, but recovering from a wrist fracture at the mo, I will keep you in mind for when Im better again, sounds great. Gill
  6. Dont forget its Valentines Day, everywhere will be solid. And expensive!!
  7. :hihi:Bobby lives in Elescar now with Donna, see him a lot in Tesco at Wath.
  8. Me and my friends loved the Rank on a tuesday night, loved dancing our little legs off, wearing our long skirts, drinking the slushes, happy days!
  9. I left Herries in 1974, and remember most of the teachers mentioned, and a few others, looking back, school was a great time, and Im glad I was there then, not now!
  10. My ex-husband used to take me there, his idea of a good night out. Maybe thats why hes the ex....?!!
  11. My Mam always used the expression" like a throttled handbrush", to signify clothes being too tight and uncomfortable, also, she used to say, "get thi lamming gown" when referring to overcoat.
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