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  1. Wow.... That was very very strange..! LoL
  2. I won't be debating this exercise, if you are questioning it and don't understand it, then it's not for you. I understood completely during posting this exercise that opposition and trolling was inevitable. I decided to take an impartial stance, a non- argumentative one in order not to tarnish the original message. If debate is required I would imagine it would have occurred post exercise with testimony accompanied...? Please dont expect any more comments by me on this subject. I do welcome comments from genuine people who have tried it for a week. The hardcore element of very negative forum contributes will never destroy my eternal light that is carried in the name of Universal peace & love, try as you will I can and will always forgive you and empathize with your lesser level of consciousness on such subjects as positive affirmations. If you have questions regarding positive affirmations, please select the link below. http://www.google.co.uk
  3. The original Intention was a suggested exercise open to anyone to try, the idea of debating the validity of positive affirmations didn't enter my mind at this stage. I would have anticipated debate being followed by trial ?
  4. There is no element of fraud involved here, the method worked for me and the whole idea of sharing this information is to allow others to experiment and make their own conclusions. The affirmation exercise is largely dependent on a person already possessing an element of positivity about life, I would imagine there would be no results at all from negative, argumental types. The exercise is aimed at people who have a sufficient level of wisdom and maturity and above all, an open mind. If this doesn't appeal to you then that's fine, there is no fee or contract, it's simply an offer to take part in an experiment to ascertain the potential of positive affirmations in ones life. I hope this answers your question and that you may now be at peace.
  5. I believe Fresno to be a place name, this has no relative connection to my post. I'm a little confused, do you believe that the word no should be eradicated from common grammar in order to promote positivity? The affirmation is written clearly in quotation marks (") the connection that you have attempted to make is very strange, maybe this exercise isn't for you, that's not a bad thing, it undeniably wouldn't be resonate with everyone.
  6. Incidentally, there is no 'chanting' as such involved, it's all done in solitude, inside ones own mind.
  7. Incidentally, there is no 'chanting' as such involved, it's all done in solitude, inside ones own mind.
  8. It's a personal experiment for a week or just a few days, it's very circumstantial really, the duration is relevant to the participant. Irrespective of job status, we are capable of processing many thoughts per second so I wouldn't envisage this being a chore. Once again, take it or leave it... If it appeals to you try it, it's free.!
  9. This post isn't about the level of contagiousness of a smile or laughter, it's about a personal thought acting with the laws of attraction.
  10. On this occasion the intention is for you to read it, act on it or forget about it. Not every post requires debate, I hope you appreciate my intention a little better now.
  11. Hehehe, yes I see... That is for the hopelessly gullible ones, I am simply passing forward knowledge that I have acquired which worked well for me, it's a take it or leave it situation. Not everything posted on Sheffield Forum requires debate, all I ask is read it, act on it or dismiss it and carry on with something else which suits you better.
  12. I don't, what a vague assumption. You can change the affirmation to suit your requirements, as I mentioned above. I hope this concludes your conundrum.
  13. If you change your perceptions of life to positivity and bear in mind that there is always tomorrow, you might just bring some added sparkle to your life...
  14. I'm just spreading the love, try it if you like.. I'm not a preacher force feeding you stuff.....im just trying to share with others that which has made me happy, it's freeeeeeee, take it or leave it, it's cool x
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