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  1. check out my (very) new blog over at http://appzzz.blogspot.com for some ideas! And if you wouldn't mind requesting I review any apps that would be awesome
  2. Hell yeah! love this thread I hate apple. They've pulled so much competition off the field it's not even funny check out http://appzzz.blogspot.com for some android app ideas
  3. Check out htpp://appzzz.blogspot.com for some ideas. The AirDroid one is so nerdy I nearly died with happiness!
  4. Hello, does anyone know what Vaccinations dogs need have before going to stay at a kennel?
  5. Hello, where arfe the best kennels in Sheffield to take my dog for a week??
  6. Around the Stannington area, malin bridge, hillsborough
  7. Hello, i am 17 years old and wanting another part time job. i have already had experience in leaflet distributors and enjoyed in very much. does anyone know anyone looking for leaflet distributors? Many thanks sophie
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