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  1. Bit further away - Big Man Menswear in Barnsley town centre.
  2. Is there anywhere in Sheffield that sells accessories for Fit Bits? In particular I'm after a new strap for a Charge HR2. I realise they are common on line and Argos have a limited selection, it'd nice to take a proper look in person before buying. TiA
  3. Glad you enjoyed seeing it. Although Tornado is anything but old. It was only completed in 2008, having being built from scratch rather than being a restoration. It even managed to touch 100mph a couple of years ago.
  4. Tornado 60163 is due through Sheffield tomorrow evening (Sat 11th May). Assuming it's on time - passing through Dore at 18:48, passing through Sheffield station (currently listed as platform 2) at 19:08. Then a 40 minute stop at Brightside (presumably to meet with a water tanker) Through Meadowhall at 19:59 and Chapeltown at 20:05.
  5. Many thanks Bash. I had Googled various terms, but nothing even mentioning the discount came up for me.
  6. Evening all, I understand Go Outdoors in Sheffield (I'm old enough to remember it as CCC) currently has 30% off everything. Does anyone know when this discount is due to end?
  7. Sorry to hear you've lost your daughter. Realise you have emotional reasons to develop those films ASAP.... but please.... DON'T DO ANYTHING WITH YOUR 35mm FILMS WITHOUT HUGE AMOUNTS OF RESEARCH INTO WHO YOU'RE GIVING THEM TO. I'm guessing these films are many, many years old, physically fragile and chemically unstable. It's so long since high street photography retailers will have seen film, that most of their employees won't even be old enough to know what a 35mm stills cartridge looks like. How well undeveloped film may have survived is dependent on so many reasons. If there is any chance of rescuing them, you'll need a true specialist. Probably start your journey by taking a visit to Harrison's on London Road.
  8. Does the girl's school/college have a counsellor?
  9. Doubt Town Hall will be illuminated, that'd cost money! Area in front of the railway station is the council's responsibility. Thousands of people pass through there daily, but the street lighting there has only just come back on after months - But it still feels very dark.
  10. Hey Granny Pat - Did you get any pix of the Endcliffe stepping stones?
  11. Firstly - condolences to the families and friends of those who died on the bypass over the weekend. More info here about the original motorway plan mentioned above, section 4 is the most relevant to this thread - http://www.pathetic.org.uk/unbuilt/m67_manchester_to_sheffield_motorway/ The deaths seemed to stop (for a long time) immediately after the averaging speed cameras were installed. Has the deterrent of averaging cameras worn off?
  12. Not local but have you tried the likes of - RS Components, CPC, Amazon?
  13. Saw one being ridden in Denaby Main today, without it's locking mechanism.
  14. Stay in a hotel at Stansted or surrounding area overnight and travel the next day?
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