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  1. i know tracey gray. shes now tracey brown. her sister is lorri. loz. does any one remember neil brooks he lived on the corner of woodbourne rd & worthing rd.. i remember les ducker, and mick barker to.. and big jack goes in the turf handsworth my local.
  2. is your surname brooks? i remember a kay brooks do you neil brooks? i left woodbourne rd about 1969 i think getting old now.
  3. i lived at 105 westbury st.mates with steve flynn amongests others. had my 1st pint at the non pots.. happy days..
  4. i lived on westbury st for years, i remember the 52 bus run to school to.. did you ever play on ripon st rec. have chips from ma beckets or harrys.. i like ma beckets more..
  5. i lived on westbury st for years, the 52 bus ride to beaver hill seemed to last forever. did you play on ripon st rec.
  6. anybody go to either woodbourne road or beaver hill late 60s early 70s.
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