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  1. Hi Nish Can you sign me and one other for Tuesday please Thanks Nic
  2. Please add me to the list for tomorrow I know I am late... Nic
  3. Hi all Lauren is leaving us in July and it's Tasha's birthday so what better excuse for another girls night out! Usual format BB's for something to eat then off to a few bars for cocktails. Please post if you are interested so we know how many to book for. Does one of you boys want to arrange something and we can meet up later ...... Nic
  4. Tasha's text worked then! We were going to nag you until you said yes
  5. Sorry I couldn't make it last week but could you sign me up for this week please Nic
  6. Yes please and unlike last year's red stipulation I have lots of purple things to wear Nic
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