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  1. THANKS ALL FOR YOUR REPLIES..... YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE:D I did it.... well when I say I did it, rather JESSOPS in town did, £10 to retreive what ever they can. Pay up front in case they can't find anything. plus £2.00 if you want it on a disc, BARGAIN because it worked, they retireived the 50 or so I deleted plus another 120 adhoc ones I already got. You can buy the software as well from them £20. Ta..... S x
  2. HELP PLEASE URGENTLY OMG I have just deleted by accident photos from my memory card. And yes as usual they are photo's i really need. I feel like crying.... please help me what do I do???? anywhere in Sheffield I can take my memory card. Sxxx
  3. still reading through the report and the jargon in it, is it just me or does it sound like the council are gunna pass the plans anyhow???
  4. My little one wants an MP3 player from his Nan for christmas, but I would like one that can be charged up from the mains, rather than battery, this way when we are on hols it saves taking spare batteries. But after looking around on line I am struggling to find a mains charger one. Any idea? around the £30 maximum mark, stefxx
  5. Has anyone got any experiences of the coinstar machines, like the ones in Asda, handsworth and Sainsbury' s peaks? I've got a tub of coins, but not sure whether to use them or not? do they take their charge off? Sxx
  6. Thanks for that everyone, perhaps if he asks again about the tampx thing, then i'll tell him the true.
  7. :help:At what age do you answer your childrens personal qeuestions. Mine is 7yrs old (boy) who asked me about give birth and how it happens, where the baby comes out? I tried the tummy bit (i had a natural birth) but he asked to see my scar..... get out of that one... so I told him, it didn't seem to bother him... however.............. He has seen my tampax in the bathroom cabinet a few times and asked me what they are. I have previoulsy shrugged it off, but yesterday he asked " when will you tell me what they are?" again I shrugged it off. At what age do you tell a boy about periods???? or do you ever. Maybe hide them away out of sight.
  8. My little boy is 7 now, but thought I would share my experience with you. All through my pregancy all I hard was breast is best.... I did give it a go and did want to breastfeed for a while, however it never really worked out, I found it very hard for him to latch on (toe curling) The midwifes in Jessop (the old jessops) were lovely until i reached the ward, not enough staff and not enough time for you at one time the ward helper pulled my boob and pushed it his mouth. When i arrived home i really did try so hard, but dreaded going to bed because i knew i had to wake up every 2hrs. When i decided to give it up as a lost course, Inever leaked any milk and did not need any pads in my bra.
  9. I live in the shefffield 12 area and have a freeview box, and the reception somes times is carbage, five and fiver most days are not watchable, they go either pixelated or the screen freezers. Which is a nightmare when recording off it ( we have one of those recordable ones where you can watch one channel and tape another) And the pants on the other channels, I can spend most nights flicking though 30 channels and not find anything. We haven't got cable fitted on our street so my only option is sky.
  10. I lived in High Green for 21 yrs with my parents not too far from the flats, when I was younger I used to knock around at the flats and in the park, and it wasn't that bad of any area then, when i was about 12/13 yrs old I delivered the freeby papers in the flats, and OH MY GOD they weren't that brill then, lifts stunk, i would never dared use them, they were scruffy, so god knows what they look like now. I agree they are a bit of an eye sore when driving through, KNOCK THEM DOWN. Is all the paint still flacking off the outside?
  11. The pathway gets clearer everyday!!! Georgica owning the properties in the first place. I would assume then the petition that they have got will probably go nowhere. Just spoke to my OH who says he remembers the holes being dug last summer. Well, I'm sure they will build something on the land at somepoint, lets just hope that its something sensible.
  12. HI, really pleased about the petition and the comments on line so far. Well done you for doing some digging about. I was away the week commencing the 21st July, my husband called me to say someone down our road had seen a sign on a lamp post being attached to a lamppost, (needless to say we weren't impressed with what we read) but not the one you have photographed. It was the one further up on the pavement in front of the carpark. But a couple of weeks ago it looked like it had been pulled off. But you are right what a stupid place to put up a letter. I think the letter from a lady in Rotherham is ACE she must be a squash club member. I didn't realise Rileys had something to do with the squash club, makes you wonder if they were planning this all along.
  13. Thanks adgieman, got your mail drop. fingers crossed a few more objections come through to the council. I have e-mailed mine today, Asked Adam Chapman for a reply to confirm he rec'd it, which he has. Good news about the haulage firms puttin in objections. Heard today the land has been sold at Rileys.. Why have there been no for sale signs up? Have you ever heard of Georgic PLC? I have tried look on the net for them with no luck. Only noticed at the top of the application online it mentions "affordable housing" whats that mean.? FINGERS CROSSED.
  14. Hi Julie When you say contact Adam Chapman at sheffield.gov.uk, do you mean he has the petion their also. Why have Rileys got a petition, I thoughh they were selling it? I have just read the comments so far online, one of them, I think from the newer houses are Birley Vale said they would prefer these flats and houses than have empty buildings to look at, as Riley's are selling the building. xx
  15. Hi, thats a relief if its correct. I have just finished typing my objection and will be mailing it to them this week. Let me know if you get an reply from the councillor, i live on wingfield also and are none to happy with the plans. x
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