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  1. It has been anoounced officially now. Must say I was a bit surprised to learn she hadn't been before.
  2. It just gets more and more suspicious. All the evidence should have been put before a jury.
  3. Staying in with the bloke, turning the lights off and pretending we are out.
  4. So has he filled a P46 in or not? It is what he puts on the P46 that determines what tax code the employer operates. If he cannot sign a P46 then the employer is legally obliged to operate BR.
  5. Clegg gets sadder and more pathetic by the day, desperately trying to defend Tory policies because he is more interested in the trappings of power than in Lib dem manifesto policies.
  6. Are you specifically looking at wild plants or cultivated ones?
  7. The first pathologist has now been found to be irresponsible by a General Medical Council enquiry. The charges against him related to earlier unconnected incidents but interestingly one involved him altering the cause of death to suit a third party.
  8. I'm sure I read somewhere that if a tick attaches itself to you it's best to smother it in vaseline so that it stops breathing and unattaches itself of it's own accord. Any other method can lead to its mouthparts remaining attached causing greater unpleasantness!
  9. Be interesting to see what his defence is. "No, no I really did kill someone, honest!!"
  10. They've been doing it for the past 3 years.
  11. I think the hair loss stuff you are trying to flog has affected your brain cells.
  12. He is coming to track down those responsible for this thread He's going to torch their houses and kill their puppies.
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