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  1. As a future employer the first question I would ask is why you chose to take degrees in English and History if you want to have a career in IT?
  2. I had a vaneers on two front teeth. They did feel very strange to begin with but that eventually wore off and I don't notice them at all now. It just takes time for the nerves in your lips to realise they now have a new 'normal' position and therefore stop telling you that there is something stuck to the front of your tooth.
  3. Unfortunately the 'grown ups' are the idiots who have decided it makes sense to protect 'Foreign Aid' whilst cutting services. These 'grown ups' are too busy placating liberals who are so busy bending backwards to prove they aren't rascist they have tied themselves in knots and are actually discriminating against British citizens. Maybe they should get off their gravy train and crawl under their own stones?
  4. I disagree. I think those who are intelligent are discussing the vast waste of public funds being spent on 'Foreign Aid' whilst others would rather focus on the entirely irrelevant use of the term 'bongo bongo land'.
  5. Why, there are plenty of ranges in the US where you can shoot safely. I am a member of a sportsman club that has outside ranges of 15,25,50,75 & 100 yards. An indoor archery range, a trap range and a fishing pond. All just 10 minutes drive from my house.
  6. I currently have two .22 rifles and and 9mm semi auto pistol. The rifles are used mainly for target shooting but are also good for small game. The pistol is used for target shooting, it could be used for defence but isn't needed where I live as its a very very low crime area. Looking at getting a shotgun for hunting and maybe a .22 pistol. All are in a gunsafe!!!
  7. Tried contacting them and they couldn't even be bothered to reply:(
  8. Hi I live in Pennsylvania now but am originally from Sheffield. One of my neighbours is the coach for the High School Girls Soccer team ages 14-18. He is looking for a girls team in the UK that they can twin with for friendship and possible exchange visits. If anyone has any ideas or is involved in a team willing to look at this then please PM me the name of the team and contact details so that I can pass them on. Many thanks.
  9. and maybe if there were more of the pitchfork carrying brigade rather that the sandal wearing tofu eating brigade Mr Greaves would be alive now.
  10. I don't doubt that this man is a rascist and deserves his sentence. I just think its a bit bizarre if him displaying the union jack and poppies were construed as rascial harassment. If you look at the article here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2370142/Neighbour-hell-BNP-candidate-Roy-West-jailed-racist-rants-German-man-living-door.html it would probably make more sense sentencing him for crimes against fashion!!
  11. Yes exactly there isn't anything else in the article
  12. I have read the article and like I said I'm sure there is more examples of his behaviour but the article doesn't cover them. The only examples it gives are the display of the union jack and display of poppies on armistice day. There was the threat to 'Kill him' but I don't believe the court took thats seriously or I'm sure the sentence would be more severe. If you can point out any other examples of this rascist behaviour included in the article then I'd be obliged if you could point them out.
  13. So please show me the law that stipulates displaying the union jack and poppies is a rascist act? Does this mean that anyone who shows the union jack or wears a poppy in the presence of someone from another country is being rascist? I'm sure there must be more to this individuals actions than that but they didn't seem to be covered by the article.
  14. Reading the article I fail to see the crime. When has it been against the law to display the Union Jack or poppies?
  15. So sad, he was such a talented man
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