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  1. As the vans are fitted with trackers they will know exactly where it is. Have you nothing better to do than watch council vans all day?
  2. Some breeds yes, but the species as a whole would survive. And as they are bred purely for human consumption then the evolutionary process would take its due course.
  3. Like what? Were cows , chickens and sheep invented by humans?
  4. The phone lines are busy at certain times, ie lunch and after 4pm, but it is generally quite easy to get through to them. If there is any proof they have requseted that you dont have yet, just write a simple statement and hand it in , they will accept that. Also they will be able to give you a trial calculation letting you know how much you will be eligable for , you can then make a payment for the amount you are left to pay.
  5. Lined his own pockets from it aswell!
  6. Sorry but I find this very hard to believe, how would housing know you were in Australia, unless you told them? Even so they wouldn't write to you asking you to return the keys, they would just keep charging you rent until you did. Maybe one of your neighbours told them your emigrated?
  7. He wasn't that loyal when Chelsea offered him more money and he put in a transfer request.
  8. It is definatly +£2, we have booked one this morning
  9. I haven't noticed penistone road to be any quicker at all, I have noticed that traffic now que's from all directions at the leppings lane junction rather than just one.
  10. I went through at 1058, it was 11:01 on my car clock, got fined, appealed and lost.
  11. It was nightmare this morning, both penistone road and leppings lane had huge tailback's, luckily I've not had to drive back that way a rush hr this evening.
  12. It is an extremely long winded and expensive process for the council to evict a tenant, they will be given every opportunity possible to stop it ever getting to that stage. The tenant is also given numerous chances by the courts to stop eviction. Eviction really is a last resort, and if anyone has got to this stage then thery really have nobody else to blame but themselves.
  13. Why would streetforce be doing peoples gardens?
  14. Yes. The properties the op refers to are in certain areas, (hard to let areas) the rules for bidding on these have been changed so that people can place bids even if they are going to be under occupied .
  15. Not at all, there are very few 3 bed properties available in most areas, the only ones that are difficult to let are in areas people just do not want to live. And to be fair they won't be empty for that long. The op is way off the mark with this thread. Just to add to that, around 95% of council tenants affected by bedroom tax applied for discretionary housing payments, over 80% of those were successful, I'll leave you to work out just how many people have had to actually pay it.
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