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  1. mort your a pussy cat and you may want to edit the end of post just read it then put yourself in my mind set lol
  2. so thats why im here then to stop people jumping of tall buildings lol its real and you never know if you have it or not
  3. thats at pattricia's house every night knock on the door and say stud sent you
  4. o mojo how hitch hikers guide is that lol
  5. wibble bibble wobble dobble doo hic hic nar reek shgaboom ink wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee libble fungar hic hic hic wib noo bluule boop ekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk nag nop i think thats the definative answer dont you
  6. non of it matters all that does is that a family pet that was well loved has been taken from us. all there is to say is that we hope Gimli is at rest and out hearts go out to Gimlis friends and loved ones xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. your looking at it all wrong bin the bomb and make yourself a reactor instead that way you can sell the energy off to power mojo's plastic freinds and once you have a fully working power station you can then claim funding from the EU who will then inspect you find a huge list of securty flaws which will then be leeked and within a week you will have a full meltdown and you will have saved your TNT for your next project
  8. looks like rubys pulled AGAIN better get the polish out and give your zimmer a once over ruby (we are even now lol)
  9. ah the joys of wireless so one of the computers is working fine but the laptop isnt is that it?? if so have you tryed disconnecting your notebook from the wireless and then reconnecting it i have found that sometimes if you put the WEP key in incorectly it seems to connect but then you hit the problem you seem to be having
  10. truth and respect just tell it how it is nothing more nothing less
  11. o ruby your so crual i think i like you lol
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