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  1. Well, this didn't get much support from the lovies and lefties did it:confused: Coming up to Easter and hardly anyone bothers about the poor little chicks:rolleyes:
  2. Seeing as you've only received the bad news about one little part Tenerife and none of the information you needed, I think that you might find trip advisor useful. http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotels-g187481-Puerto_de_la_Cruz_Tenerife_Canary_Islands-Hotels.html
  3. I hope you remember to act responsibly with your fireworks:|
  4. I didn't know they liked dripping toast:hihi:
  5. Two women from the council visited this lady and effectively said that it's her word against the scum who are making her life a misery, unless she can remember to write down exactly what they say and do! This is an old lady of 79 who is suffering with Alzheimers, who barely knows what day it is, let alone remember to write things down. To answer ox720. The police were informed of this and did attend to speak to these cretins, but they laughed as soon as the police had left and said "they can do **** all and we will carry on." So a fat lot of good that is. Perhaps we should say she's an asylum seeker, then we might get something done. To alex3659. Sorry for hijacking your thread and hopefully both sets of these brave lads who pick on the elderly will get their comeuppance some time in the near future. Dial 999 in future and see how long it is before the cretins sick of getting attention from South Yorkshire's finest.
  6. The Telegraph Media Group has launched a major fund raising campaign to build a memorial to the forgotten heroes of the Second World War - the men of Bomber Command. Of all the branches of the armed forces, they faced the deadliest odds, with 55,573 killed, almost half of all those who flew on operations over Nazi Germany and occupied Europe. Yet nearly 70 years on, their sacrifice remains unrecognised by any monument. With it coming up to Remembrance Sunday perhaps we should get behind this campaign and help future generations remember what these incredibly brave men and women gave, so that we could live a life free of tyranny. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/rafbombercommand/
  7. Looks like West St on any Friday night;)
  8. The one on the top platform did a good toasted dripping crust.
  9. Should you be wanting to stay in Dublin and just have a place to sleep and shower, rather than paying out for a hotel that's got loads of facilities that you wont use, I would try this place. http://www.hosteldublin.com/hosteldetails.php/HostelNumber.101 Plus it's only 10 to fifteen minute walk (and an hour back) to Temple Bar;)
  10. They are two characters who are well known for over indulging in the amber nectar, and both of them had been in the swim inn this lunchtime, swilling it down like their lives depended on it.
  11. Having spent a few years working with grinders of pocket/pen knives and having a relative who sat astride the grinders horse for all of his working life, doing everything from garden shears to scythes, I can assure you that they ran away from you. The wheel was partially immersed in water to stop the metal burning as it was being ground and the grinders always had a back board to stop the water and to allow it to drain back into the well. Prior to the floods I would have asked any interested parties to go down to Kelham Island museum and watch Ken Tyler at work in his little mesters shop, then you could have seen a craftsman grinder at work http://www.simt.co.uk/kelham/kelham-2.html Anyone know if or when it's likely to be reopened?
  12. The wheel has to run away from the grinder or the grinder ends up getting the sparks, water and other stuff thrown into his face as he works.
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