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  1. Hi,My Cousin was Joe also & obviously Barbara by Marriage,but unfortunaley i have no information about Alison.Sorry.
  2. A Snowball is a Missile,when I was hit by one it knocked My specs off,which broke & cost Me £130 to replace.If people want to throw them at each other,fine,why involve innocent people,& why do people come here to defend acts of Vandalism?.
  3. Looking at the Post count of some of the Critics on here,the hardest Work they do,is switching the Computor on.
  4. The Bear emporium logo THE BEAR EMPORIUM "Sheffield's specialist bear shop and teddy hospital ~ Bringing hugs to you since 2002" The Bear Emporium 43 Bridge Street Killamarsh Sheffield S21 1AH Tel. 01142 482010
  5. Has any kind soul got any Rhubarb Crowns for disposal,or could tell me where I could get a couple from? Thanks for any help.
  6. I was born on Edward Road Attercliffe, in 1939.Does anyone remember any Websters from that road or Coleridge Road,from around that era?.
  7. It was the close proximity to most of the Steel Works,that encouraged the population growth in that area when most of the Immigrant Population arrived.Rents were cheap, & as now you would get Several people living in one Property.
  8. They will soon get fed up of buying Cars. ---------- Post added 04-11-2013 at 16:22 ---------- Barleycorn wrote-What if they had borrowed someone else's car? The Driver would have to buy them another Car.
  9. Anyone who is up to double the limit,should get an automatic 4 year ban.If they are caught driving while banned, the Vehicle they are Driving should be confiscated & crushed,no excuses.
  10. Hi Palman,you must have taken over from me at the Farm,we used to go down to Lightwood Spud picking & Turnip pulling.I spent many hours down there on my own.Ploughing Harrowing etc.Did Roy Plattts & Malcolm (A.K.A Slash) work Full time for Jim when you were there?I like yourself worked after School Weekends & Hollidays.I used to work it on my own (Milking,Feeding stock etc) at Xmas when others were off.Jim & Mrs Rhodes treat me like a Son.Jim wanted to pay for me to go to Agricultural College,but my Parents wouldn't let me go,they reckoned there was no future in Farming.Did they still have Jewel the Carthorse when you were there? what a cantancerous beast that was.I live on Frecheville now,near the Pond. Regards Keith.
  11. Hi Palman,I am 5 years older than you,did you used to play Football on the field at the bottom of birley Avenue?.Dougs other Brother is Ken.I used to help out on the Farm at the top of Birley moor Drive & one night a Chap who lived across from us,came over to our house.(his name was Speed),he used to run the Birley Juniors football,& Said "there's a Chap at his house wanting to borrow a Scythe,to cut the grass on the field at the bottom for the Lads to use,can you come & have a word with him?" I went over to his house with him,was shown into the Lounge and was Gobsmacked to see Derek Dooley sitting there.Even though i was & still am a Blades supporter,i had a nice chat with him & the next day went down with the Tractor & mower & cut it for him.
  12. Hi Palman,I knew Quite a few of the names you mentioned,but they were all younger than me.I used to go around with Keith Brameld,who is Dougs older Brother.George Lupton lived just down the road from us on Birley moor Way.When we first went to live up there (1952) the School didn't exist,it was a field full of cows.Janet Aldis's Father was the Water board man for the area,they lived on Thornbridge Road.I remember Don Mayo,who ufotunately died a few years ago,I dont think he was that old either. Keith
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