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  1. they've replaced lots in the city centre, now accept cards the ones in city centre still accept the app payments, shouldnt have anything to do with the machine
  2. Mines been on constantly all week, still froze, never known it that bad before
  3. Veolia put on twitter to put bins out as normal and leave until collected, mines been out days and still not collected but its stopping there until it is. If i hadnt bothered putting it out and they had come i would consider it my fault and no-one else to blame. I cant see what there is to complain about. you didnt put the bin out on the allotted day and it wasnt collected
  4. The problem with where they are moving the bus stop to is its just before the roundabout. so the buses are going to pull into the stop and then are going to have to pull out, and back across traffic to get into the right hand lane to go down darnall. at least at the minute they have a bit of space to make that move when the lights change. Its going to be chaos having the buses crossing lanes in such a small area. its an accident waiting to happen especially with all the impatient drivers already swapping lanes around there
  5. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-motorists-were-met-with-these-huge-queues-after-council-s-double-roadwork-blow-1-8977692 according to this star article the roadworks at Asda are due to finish mid february, the roadworks website says 18th february, so in theory should be finished next week....... cant see it somehow!
  6. Some local shopworkers posted on facebook a few weeks ago that the pad and display car park was going, said something about the council having some input, put someone else said that was wrong. Either way the meters have now gone, fear the damage has already been done though, driving people away
  7. I guess it's because they dont want lots of odd seats on the end of rows that they will struggle to sell. But this must happen as lots of times i've tried to buy tickets and there are only odd seats left. I would have thought groups of 3 are less common than 2 or 4
  8. 2nd time in a week, was with a golf club earlier in week apparently
  9. Just in case anyone is interested, the local inspector for the south east local policing team is doing a Q and A on their facebook page tomorrow between 6 and 8pm, and hes updating the woodhouse forum in the library at 7pm on thursday about the changes to local policing in woodhouse ---------- Post added 18-09-2017 at 22:42 ---------- The traffic police, based down near what used to be the airport, not sure they'll know about moss way though
  10. its because its dry air, so no frost. When there is moisture in the air and its cold you get frost and ice
  11. blast lane, next to victoria quays s free if you get there really early. NCP at blonk street is £3.50 a day
  12. its 11-4 at Niagra at Hillsborough, not heard anything about it being cancelled, was definately still on yesterday
  13. Does anyone know if its free to park in the City Centre tomorrow? Tried looking online but only says about bank holidays, which i dont think tomorrow is
  14. Hmm, thank you, i get the feeling they aren't well used for MOT etc, think people use the smaller garages
  15. Hi, has anyone used Clark and Partners at Hansworth for an MOT and Service recently. Had a quick search on here but nothing recent, and cant find any good or bad stories online
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