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  1. I read that Joe Cocker aka Vance Arnold released some 45's local in Sheffield. Does anybody know what songs they are? Any different recordings from the cd "Vance Arnold & the Avengers in 1963"?
  2. Thanks! Arthur Alexander is great indeed. So the Beatles, the Stones and the Hollies must have liked him. He probably was something like a musician's favorite by that time. Arthur's You Better Move On never was a hit in England, was it?
  3. Anybody witnessed Vance Arnorld / Joe Cocker perform "You Better Move On" in 1963? I am writing a chapter in my new Dutch book (the successor to my book "Grijsgedraaid") on that song and am trying to trace how the Rolling Stones got that song. I find Cocker/Arnold singing the song in 1963 (on the 2000 release "Vance Arnold and the Avengers 1963 live", the Stones recorded it end 1963. I also find Cocker played support act to the Hollies (recorded the song on their first album) and the Stones in Sheffield. Any connection there?
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    Hi All! I'm a writer from Holland, looking for someone that has witnessed Joe Cocker as Vance Arnold playing support act for The Hollies and The Stones in '63 in Sheffield! Anyone? Leo Blokhuis

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