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  1. Could anyone recommend a removal company,moving about 5 miles from Gleadless to Dronfield. all the posts seem quite old so I thought I would start a fresh thread. thanks
  2. Thanks,yes that’s what it was not council,my bad.Will get on it .. cheers
  3. Hi,I seem to remember the council collected Christmas trees for recycling last year,I can’t find a thread,anyone got any idea as I can’t see anything on the Council website either. Thanks
  4. I used the city taxis app for about a year when getting help from access to work,it worked fine except a couple of times in the extreme winter weather when taxis couldn’t run.but overall all good
  5. Must have walk past it hundreds of times and never noticed it,although I wasn't looking for it I suppose.
  6. Yes I'll second that,thanks excellent viewing.
  7. McQueens deliver to S12,never had a problem
  8. Is the magick shop just up from granellis still open ? They may have this kind of thing !
  9. Hi I need my gutters clearing,s12 Gleadless Common.Any recommendations please Pm me Thanks
  10. Has she looked into buying a car,using it for the duration then selling it again.I believe this is what quite a few people do when visiting from afar/for a long time.Luckily you only lose the depreciation
  11. It's a long shot,but there was one on Fargate at the week end..maybe worth a walk on Saturday.as I said a long shot
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