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  1. I don't think an estate would be big enough for 5 people, 4 large suitcases, 4 small suitcases and a pushchair. Thank you very much though.
  2. I'm starting to dread it tbh. We've booked a row of 4 seats for us all to sit together and I plan on taking my sling on board to just carry her about in. The 6 year old has been signed up for the kids club thing with the airline and they give them a full rucksack of goodies and play stuff and that gives us priority boarding as well as luggage collection.
  3. The search function brought up some threads but the most recent is 2011. We need to look at booking a taxi from Hunters Bar to Manchester Airport in Sept. It's only one way as we're moving to Canada. We'll have 3 adults, a child and a new baby as well as 4 large suitcases, 4 small suitcase and a pushchair. Can anyone recommend someone and give me an indication of costs?
  4. Looking for a bit of advice. We're moving to Canada (Toronto) on September 7th and we'll be flying with a newborn and I was looking for any hints or tips to make the process as easy for both us and fellow passengers. The baby is due on 4th July but she could be early or late (as they are unpredictable at best). We're flying from Manchester and it's a direct flight which takes approx. 10 hours not including the 2/3 hours time before boarding after check in or the time to go through customs and get our visa's. There will be me, my husband, our 16yr and 6 yr old daughters as well as the baby. My intention is to breastfeed so I am unlikely to be giving bubs a dummy at the age she'll be so giving her that prior to take off/landing isn't an option.
  5. I was stopped by the same guy (I think) at a cash machine on fargate. Asking for money for his train fare home. I said no, I didn't have any to spare and he said "I just saw you taking money out that cash machine, you can give me some of that." which I responded with "I didn't say I didn't have any money, I said I don't have any to spare" at which point a policeman walked past and he went on his way. He was really intimidating and loitering at a cash machine and arguing that he's seen you've got money is horrible.
  6. ASDA, CO-OP and Tesco's def sell it.
  7. They have those machines in the UK as well. In Glasgow it's exact change only, in to the machine and away you go.
  8. Yup. Its going to be Hampton Hilton. I think Marco Pierre White has a restaurant there.
  9. I know this is an old thread. Just wondered if anyone has any experience of Sheffield Lasers? They are now at Good Vibrations in Crookes and I'm thinking of booking with them. Just a bit worried about the whole process (hence turning to good ole sheffield forum).
  10. Another oldie resurrected. I'm looking for a mobile hair dresser in the S11 area (I live just off Hunters Bar roundabout), I am a bit of a weird case. I've not been to a hairdresser in 20 years. I had a bit of an incident as a kid and I never went to a salon again. The hair dresser snipped my ear and I needed 3 stitches (I was 14). Anyway, I have psoriasis in my scalp which isn't bad at the moment. My scalp just looks very dry and therefore I need someone with a gentle touch and who wont make me feel embarrassed. Usually I cut my own hair but wanted to try getting a professional to do it. I'd like the person to also cut my 5 year olds hair as well. Any recommendations for my area? Doesn't seem to be many about in S11. ---------- Post added 06-07-2013 at 13:54 ---------- Nobody?????
  11. Just to be devils advocate but what if someones child does become allergic? or someones circumstances change so drastically that they cannot keep a pet no matter how much they want to? We've had our cat since he was 6 months old (rescued) he's now 12 and my husband is allergic to him. His fur exacerbates my husbands asthma pretty badly, makes him sneeze/wheeze. He lives with it because he loves the moggy like one of the kids but if my child suffered as my husband does I'd would rehome him. I'm not saying that the situations you've posted about aren't terrible. They are. I'm saying it's not always rubbish excuses people give.
  12. I also love Otto's. I've been 3 or 4 times and cannot fault it at all. I've recommended it to several people who are also very taken with it. The food was plentiful and delicious. Reasonable prices and service is very good.
  13. Go into Andrew Page in Attercliffe (Bold Street) they are brilliant for spark plugs £10 for 4 and they make sure to get you the right ones for your reg.
  14. My insurance was with Aviva last year and it was just short of £1000 for the year (only 3 years no claims as only been driving 3 years - I'm 32) That was fine last year however, I got a renewal quote of £1400 with one more years no claims and one more years experience. I decided to go to a comparison site and the person I went with quoted £585 for the year fully comp! I queried with Aviva, they said they'd lower by £50 and £25 M&S vouchers. So........ £800 or £50 with £25 vouchers? Hmm........ needless to say I went elsewhere. They said it was my postcode as well. Weird as I live in a nice area of S11 and haven't heard of any car crime in my street nor are we a flooding risk.
  15. I've put an envelope full in to the post tonight Smilies
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