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  1. Hello everyone. I just moved here and I am looking for a good hair salon for cut and color. Does anyone have any good suggestions? Thank you....
  2. Have you loo in Bulgaria? Since it has joined the EU, and there will be a major highway going through near the ski slopes. You can buy sevral houses for that in Bulgaria. I have friends that just purchased a huge brand new 3 bedroom open floor plan with land for 15,000. If I had the funds that would be the first place I would invest. Being a California realtor, that spells huge opportunity there.
  3. I have my kitchen in an mocha color, not to brown very, very light, which keeps it bright but gives it a warm touch to it. I am not a person who likes reds, or angry type colors. If you have black appliances, white would not be the way to go. A warm color like mocha (light) would blend in well.
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