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  1. Northern Rock are not a bad company and they are not in trouble. As usual poor media reporting has caused mass hysteria amongst the ignorant British public. NR only asked BoE for a loan facility as an overdraft IN CASE it needed to dip into it to fulfil future loan commitments. It was put into this predicament because irresponsible US lenders re-sold bad-debt loans and the merchant banks are 'consolidating' to ride out the wave.
  2. Bairstow Eves are part of Countrywide Group who were themselves one of the original founding members of rightmove.co.uk. Abbots, Alder King, Bridgfords, Beresford Adams, Fulfords, John D Wood are also among 38 companies under the Countrywide umbrella.
  3. We can't say that we haven't been given sufficient time to get our homes in order. Most LA's are distributing green grants for insulation etc. Let's not forget that the EPC rating is relative to the type of accommodation anyway. Not all buildings will be given the same 'potential' scoring so that a 17th century timber framed house cannot be directly comparable to a post-war semi (for eg).
  4. £1000 for legals sounds high to me, especially on a low value basic transfer. Certainly shop around and even try online conveyancing. One firm can only act for both parties if they are already established clients. To ensure that there is no conflict of interest, new business clients will have to use separate firms.
  5. Never ask an agent for builders/developers contact details. They will be totally biased towards the builder who will give them the instruction back when the property is built. As for the land: Take a photo and plan to the local planning officer. He will look at it and give you a quick preliminary yes/no or maybe. And it will be free at this stage. Things to consider: Access, off-road parking, overcrowding, overlooking neighbours, impact on street scene etc. If the planning officer has no immediate concerns find a local architect (one man band) who deals with the local planning office on a regular basis. He will prepare some ideas for how a building could look. You should definitely sell the land with planning permission. The planning officer will specify if outline will suffice. The site might require full PP if awkward or anticipates some objections. As for value: Obviously depends what the land can be used for. Full PP will command more than outline; and significantly more than land with potential for building.
  6. Latest figures from LMS: The average number of days between notification of sale and exchange of contracts in Q2 2007 = 53
  7. Hi. We renovated an 1890's terrace a couple of years ago. All windows had to be replaced. On removing old windows we found that the original inner leaf lintels were of timber (and badly rotted) and so we replaced them with concrete lintels. The outer leaf was indeed supported by the frame. Most modern upvc frames have additional steel support across the head of the frame so they should support the outer leaf.
  8. Cor - my brain hurts:confused: The market now is made up of entirely different sub-markets, some of which didn't exist during the last blip. We now have BTL's competing with FTB's. Professional investors have moved in from the commercial world. Empty nesters and family separations who are armed with equity. Huge city bonuses and foreign buyers. New BTL mortgages. 100+ FTB loans. This type of market is completely unprecedented.
  9. Buxton is a pretty little town built around the original spa waters that were first found by the Romans. The Victorians 'modernised' the original baths and created the parks and town centre. New housing is being developed on the periphery but there are plenty of traditional townhouses in and around the centre. Not cheap but nice. As for walks, it is in the Peak District, so you won't have to go far.
  10. I think the concept is actually quite simple. It's the amount of scaremongering, mis-information and poor advice that complicates matters. Most of the negativity comes from the NAEA and its members (estate agents) because they see it as more work for no real gain. My heart bleeds... I have purchased several properties recently and wish that a pack had been available before i instructed lawyers. Unknown rights of way, the seller not been the actual owner, boundary disputes are some of the issues we didn't know about until deep into the transaction. A lot of time and expense could have been saved if these issues had been sorted before we committed to purchase.
  11. I suppose the thinking is that if you have a copy of: title planning permissions building regulations local searches management accounts at the time an offer is made, then the buyer will not have to pay for them and the info will be at hand immediately. A large part of delays is when a buyer/solicitor requests searches. In some cases local authorities have been taking up to 16 weeks(!) to return them. HIP providers will, more often than not, use insured personal search companies who can return them within 5 days. I personally have used them and they only took 3 days. And lets not forget the most contentious part - the energy performance certificate. As we are part of the EU (and thats another debate) we are subject to (most) of their law. They have decided that european properties should be assessed for their energy efficiency. Unlike countries like Germany and France our UK goverment has decided to only assess homes as they come onto the market, rather than a blanket exercise across the country at the same time. Whatever your thoughts about climate change and the EU, they are a legal requirement and will apply to every home from 1st Jan 2008 and commercial properties no later than 2009.
  12. Yes. If you sign a contract with an agent before 10th or post a private add that constitutes 'marketing' you will be exempt until the end of the year. If you have not sold by Jan 1st then you will need a HIP.
  13. The DCLG have this morning announced that Home Information Packs will be introduced for 3 bed homes from 10th September.
  14. Sounds about right. Make sure you are quoted for all the extra's. You don't want a nasty surprise at the end. Good luck.
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