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  1. Mixed bag in Broomhill. There have been a lot of closures but some new ones opening too. Twinkle Toes shoe shop has just opened, as has Think Aromatherapy and there is a new coffee shop called S10 opening up next week. Losing Trio, Cipolla and one or two others is a shame but Broomhill is still doing ok.
  2. It was off this morning too for an hour or so. Then back on. Now off again. Thought it was something to do with the guys working in the village. Hope it gets sorted.
  3. Hi all my neighbours appear to still be in bed! Really low water pressure here in Oughtie. Is it just me or is anyone else having problems?
  4. Not normally a post you will read from me. But had to say congratulations for what Parking Services just did on Abbeydale Road. Just near the junction outside Rehman and Sons and Azim and co accountants (across from the Broadfield Pub.) I was driving up Abbeydale Rd at 4 and saw at least seven taxis blocking the bus lane and bus stop. There was also a large silver Range Rover in the middle. Plus taxis and a black Merc parked up on the pavement blocking pedestrians. I go through this junction a couple of times a day and it is always congested. The usual reason is because buses cannot pull in because of the ignorant taxi drivers and owners of these shops blocking the bus stop. This happened again at 4 this afternoon as i was queuing. Finished my appointment and drove back past at 4.30 and saw the Parking service little white van moving them on. All the taxis were moved bar one. Wish they did that every day. Not sure what the rules are there in terms of parking. But obstructing the bus stop is a traffic nuisance and not great for passengers either.
  5. Got mine from Rhinegold last year and is doing great. Loxley have a really good selection of fruit trees too but not sure if they had exactly what you want
  6. No school has millions of pounds banked. Where on earth did you get that from?
  7. They do live in Sheffield. And if you discounted everyone who was not born in Sheffield but live here now that would be a significant proportion. Besides have you ever driven through Broomhill on a sunny day. God bless the university.
  8. Hey. Like I said in my post I'm not looking to argue with you. I have mixed views on the expanding mosques, the funding, the sites etc. What I am actually saying is that this is a thread about a mosque. agreed the funding of it would therefore be an issue. But the moderators on here (quite rightly) will shut a thread if there are comments made that swear, appear racist or make assumptions about where money is coming from without a shred of evidence. the reason for this is that the forum itself could end up in court. And as you will be aware the mosque has already been quite quick to use judicial means. So if you want to have an open debate about issues you are not going about it the right way. All the best
  9. Yes that is right. But opinions are informed assumptions are not. Not picking a fight because I think forums like this when the moderators give a bit of slack are a good pressure release to voice opinions. Whatever they are. If you have documented proof that is something is funded by an organisation from then say it. Otherwise don't.
  10. Because these threads are great for debating issues but when you start assuming where funding comes from without proof then it closes down avenues for people from all sides of the equation to have a debate. As it goes I don't especially have a strong view about whether it opens or not.
  11. Daft thing to say if you want to keep the thread going.
  12. Well it should be close and is all a bit of fun. The finalist from Bath is very pretty. I just hope number 9 Clarissa Pain and number 24 Sian Cocks do well for their surnames alone.
  13. Just looked on the website and the candidates don't match with those in The star. Then realised that one competition is for Sheffield and one is for South Yorkshire. Why are there two competitions? Not there is anything wrong with that! By the way agree with posts above. There are a few dodgy ones. Rebecca Edmonds is clearly the best two entries though.
  14. Which Rebecca are you; Hey or Featherstone? Good luck anyway. (Not that I have been looking at the pics on page 3 of The Star or anything.
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