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  1. Here's a translation I got from a Sicilian couple (both in their 80's). The words in brackets are a second meaning for a word in the text. They said that the language (dialect) is very old. Hope this helps. Trevor Vitti na crozza supra nu cannuni I saw a homeless person (skull) on top of a cannon fui curiuso e ci vossi spiare I was curious, and I wanted to ask idda m'arrispunniu cu gran duluri She answered with great pain murivi senza un tocco di campani she died without a ring of a bell si nni eru si nni eru li me anni my years, my years are gone si nni eru si nni eru un sacciu unni my years, my years are gone and I don't know where ora ca sugnu vecchio di ottantanni now that I am old at 80 chiamu la morti i idda m arrispunni I call death and it answered me cunzatimi cunzatimi lu me letto make make my bed ca di li vermi su manciatu tuttu because the worms eat everything si nun lu scuntu cca lume peccatu If I don't repent in this life lu scuntu allautra vita a chiantu ruttu I'll repent in the next life with broken tears c'e' nu giardinu ammezu di lu mari There is a garden in the middle of the ocean (or sea) tuttu ntssutu di aranci e ciuri It's filled with oranges and flowers tutti l'acceddi cci vannu a cantari All the birds go there singing puru i sireni cci fannu all'amurio Even the mermaids (or sea creatures) go for the love (or love it)
  2. Hi Clocker, if it's the building that I'm thinking of it was built during WW2 and had showers inside in case of a gas attack. At least that is what I was told by my father. Don't know if there were others around as it would not have been much use on it's own. I think it was torn down long ago. Little Tyke
  3. I was there 1957-1961 too and remember all these teachers (who could ever forget Bill Machin). I'm sure that my wife thought I was making up stories of abuse etc. but when I showed her some of the replies elsewhere on this forum regarding our gym teacher she now realizes that I was not telling porkies. Don't forget Taffy Morgan, also a sadistic b******. He is the person who converted me to Atheism. Not bad for someone who was teaching religion.
  4. Does anyone else remember visiting the school dental clinic located in the school at the top of Prince of Wales road? Even after 50 or so years I still have vivid memories of that place. Dentists?? in green wellies with green aprons covered in blood, long stainless steel sinks with kids spitting blood and throwing up, lots of screaming and those awful little metal clamps which forced open your mouth. Ah, the kids today just don't know how good they have it. Little T
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