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  1. Thank you for the responses it is much appreciated.
  2. Evening everyone looking at a couple of houses in Beighton on Queens road and Manvers road. Just wondering if can get some feedback what the area is like and so on? Thank you.
  3. Who would be the best company to go with for a free replacement boiler via the ECO scheme any advice would be great.
  4. Fantasy Island is Skegness and the reason for the bus is due to Nottingham station being shut for 6 weeks in the summer.
  5. I think they plau so many at DVS and the rest at the lane.
  6. I am getting fed up of waiting for BT to enable fibre here. Our exchange went live on 11th of December but the cab is yet to go live and have no idea when it will. Digital region is a no go for the price.
  7. Thought I would post in here. I use this service alot from Woodhouse to go into town or Meadowhall coming back is hit and miss most of the time mainly with the time the train is back. I guess maybe in the future we could see 3 services on this line Sheffield - Lincoln fast, Sheffield - Worksop and Sheffield - Chesterfield via Beighton, This would depend on the tram train being a success. I thought they was ment to be a station at the new Waverly development? Strix at present its not possible to miss Sheffield out, the line at back of the Arena can only be accessed by trains from Sheffield plus would need to build a station at Meadowhall South.
  8. Just got my letter from JCP and informed that I have been declined for ESA. I dont know what to do now, I am visually Impaired and have been registered partially sighted since 97. I dont even understand why I have got a total of 0 points.
  9. http://www.thinkbroadband.com/news/5028-ripwire-customers-acquired-by-ask4.html
  10. In S13 Woodhouse we are on Sky Unlimited and we get a speed of 15.5mb.
  11. The new double deckers on the 120 was ment to go onto the 52 but because of Optio Orange stagecoach wanted them on the 120. So the 52 will not see any new buses for "a further year or so".
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