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  1. try star website they usually have some for sale
  2. sharp practise by the manager but a true story, only trying to make people wise to the fact of insurance cover, if your only covered for S D & P, then you'll need to check with your insurance provider for cover. reason 4 counts of no insurance each box of food had a different address on it, very difficult to explain away in court. but if you don't believe me ask your own insurance provider the question.
  3. Just remember anyone who is thinking about doing this work using your own car that you have to have business insurance on your car insurance as I know for a fact that someone (not me) was doing delivery work, unfortunately the take-away he worked for he had a run in with the manager about a delivery. the manager the next night 'informed' the police that there was someone delivering and they wern't insured (anon obviously), anyway laddo goe's out with a big delivery for 4 addresses close together. 100 yards from take away gets a tug from SYP and gets 24 points for no insurance, 6 point for each delivery address and over £1k fine and looses license. so make sure your correctly insured
  4. another thread from the past as stated above, it's a shame there's no thread: "I had a great journey in a cab last night" whilst being drunk and abusive to this person i've never seen before and probably never will again, they let me in their cab (even tho i was threatening them and swearing) took me home and only charged me £6 all the way to mosboro'. Bless him he didnt even mind when i kicked his cab and dented the door.
  5. true. wave to me in the morning, am the one in the grey volvo, in the inside lane, throwing my dummy screaming at the 1 white van man 2 single person in there corsa/ka etc. night tony
  6. i know they do (SYP) just frustrating have you tried going up mansfield road at 8.15?
  7. probably another take away and sandwich/deli shop! makes sense as only got 30 others!
  8. Tried all options, even to chief constable "we cannot supply the man power to cover all traffic lanes in South Yorkshire" I replied "if SYP cars not on an emergency abuse it why should the general public not?" still waiting for a reply 4 month's later as for Mr S, i don't think he'd know where I'm on about.
  9. ALLEGED BUS LANE on Mansfield Road going towards Manor Top Dear Mr Scriven/SCC/SYP Either enforce it or repaint the road back 'cos as useless bus lanes go this one takes the gold medal, as NO ONE (and that includes bus's) use the road markings correctly. 1. you have cars using the lane in the stated times on the signage. 2. bus's who cant use the lane ('cos of the above) then use inside lane and just pull across when going through the lights at fire station. 3. god help the people if a fire breaks out between 8am and 10am as the fire engines won't be able to attend as THE BUS LANE IS BLOCKED. I know there are other bus lane which cause as much frustration, maybe, through the forum we should start highlighting these things? As there's an election due and they can promise the world and if it's on here we can actually and legally get them thrown out of office for 'un-kept policy' and 'breakdown of election guarentees'. it's a thought
  10. Taximark, by name occupation = taxi driver (being one myself) so take it you've now reached 9 points in the last 18 months hence on renewal of you taxi drivers license/badge you'll have to go to licensing board and explain your actions? and/or you've now hit 12 point's and got to go to court and plead "un-due hardship" to keep your DVLA license? hence "get rid of speed camera's" just a question not having a go
  11. We had our reception at the Sherwood last July, yep before everyone starts not everyone's cup of tea but they did a really good job, meal was great everyone comented how nice it was (even the usual family who complain about everything and everyone). Buffett was ample and depends on what you want to spend. DJ was spot on played the whole range, he even asked if there were records/themes that we wanted to avoid and to give him a list. it's a suggestion and not that far away from Mosborough. Hope it helps
  12. Woman who I work with gets on at Chapletown and has saved enough in missed fares to pay for a shopping weekend in London!!!! :hihi: But fair dues if not enough carriages/conductors what can people do:confused:
  13. We take our to Westfield school Sunday mornings, staff friendly and the coach is good fun makes learning to swim good for the kids
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