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  1. More liberal claptrap - The fact is he wasn't from Southampton, or Oxford, or white skinned. Where do you liberal apologists get off? He was black and he wasn't born in the UK. If he has British citizenship it should be rescinded after committing a serious crime. Is the UK, thanks to the permissive liberal/Left, to become the world's penal colony?
  2. A liberal is like an ostrich - at the first sign of trouble it buries it's head in the sand and willingly allows itself to be shafted from behind.
  3. An Owlerton Camera & A Hillsborough Camera - picture memories by J R Wrigley both contain some great photos.
  4. Sort of a commies and terrorists hall of fame then?
  5. Why can dog owners be fined for their dogs cr@pping all over the place but cats are seemingly allowed by law to cr@p wherever they please with impunity Cat owners are totally irresponsible, putting their vermin out at night to foul every-ones garden
  6. I used to like Palin but now he's doing this European propaganda program for the BBC I've gone right off him. Come to think of it I never rated Monty Python either - what a bunch of to$$ers
  7. Steak, kidney, dumplings, mashed taters, Yorkshire pud and sprouts swimming in thick onion gravy with lashings of Henderson's
  8. You can't blame the police, maybe they were too busy enforcing political correctness to worry about crime http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=490392&in_page_id=1770
  9. This "government" have turned putting out misinformation into a fine art. Sort of like The Ministry of Truth in Orwell's 1984. It was probably a blatant lie put out so that people will blame their individual councils
  10. Favourite pointless phrases used by the loopy liberal/Lefties to exit an argument or stifle debate are "bigot" "racist" "homophobe" "sexist" "knuckle-dragging neanderthal" "europhobe" "islamophobe" etc, etc, etc.
  11. All Sheffield wants is another bloody eyesore we should just grass it over and plant a few trees
  12. I'm not sure, I never heard that before.
  13. Only one in 16 years! - Surely you can do better than that?
  14. Revised figures show the number of foreign nationals employed in the UK since 1997 is £1.1million, not the 800,000 officially recorded Well - is it still "right-wing paranoia", as certain liberal/Left forrumers suggest, or is it down right lies by the government - or perhaps, it's just sheer incompetence Either way, are this bunch of "ex" Marxists and loony lefties fit to govern this country?
  15. My wife swears by Echinacea and vitamin C. I prefer half a bottle of malt whisky myself - doesn't cure the cold but alleviates the symptoms
  16. Bloody hell these underpants were only clean on last week
  17. When we were kids in the 50s it was always referred to as the Lav, now I always call it the Khasi unless I take some reading matter and plan to have a nice, long, relaxing poo - I then refer to it as the library.
  18. Can any-one remember Moss & Gamble's pond on Fox Hill? It was a very popular fishing venue for the locals. My dad lived on Birley Rise Rd. and used to fish it regularly. In the 50s there was a large carp in the pond, when it was caught half of Birley Carr used to turn out to have a look. It had a name - does any-one remember it? The whole area was a popular recreation spot for the local kids, I remember going on the grass slides on the hill behind and sledging - shame it was all built on. I believe some-one drowned there but they don't close down roads when some-one gets run-over - do they?
  19. I have always believed that Labour are every bit as incompetent as the Tories, it's just that they have to create more bureaucracy, raise far more in taxation and squander more public money in order to achieve the same level of incompetence. As for the Lib-Dems, they're just a "cop out" - a party for homosexuals and tree-huggers. As for Nick Clegg - does any-one actually still believe anything a politician says - surely no-one is that naive? The Tories, I'm afraid, are the best of a very rotten bunch of self-serving hypocrites.
  20. A good idea is to join the local family history society that covers the place where your ancestors came from. There's a good chance that they have other members researching the same family name. Joining the Cumbria FHS enabled me to contact other members and ask for their help, their information helped me to get back several generations and provided a breakthrough in my research.
  21. It takes an hour to alter all the bloody clocks and timers in the house and don't forget the car and mobile phone - and all for a few sheep s****ing haggis bashers. I suppose as soon as the dictatorship in Brussels decree that we should be on a standard European Time that will be the end of the matter.
  22. Yeah - read a Left wing view point - then you'll realise how they've been lying and deceiving us for years. Let's not forget Labour predicted up to 15,000 Poles would arrive here annually - that prediction (perhaps it was a blatant lie) was off the mark by at least 10 times!!! Right wing paranoia or Left wing lies - you decide. Immigration is all about importing cheap labour and driving down existing wages. That a Labour government, that purports to represent the working man, allows and even encourages mass immigration is the biggest deception the working classes have ever fallen, and continue to fall for
  23. Strange how it's the Socialists, the very opponents of wealth and privilege who abuse the system the most - what bloody hypocrites How easily the people who put them in power are decieved
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