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  1. Ha! I’ll take the baby penguin as long as it’s in an unmarked packet.
  2. Hi @Sharon Crow Her name was May Wood, she worked on the lingerie department up until the mid-late 80’s.
  3. Can’t help you with the album, but that was the first proper gig I went to, aged 13. Mum worked at Debenhams and they gave out some free tickets. She got a couple on the day and we went that night. I remember really enjoying it!
  4. Hey @anoj or Hodge! I remember Mrs Eastwood: Bohemian, English teacher, a bit like a more attractive Josie Lawrence (sorry Josie!)? The other thing I remember about her is Bob Eaton once saying (presumably not out of the blue) “I’m sure we wouldn’t mind seeing you naked, Miss” from the back of the class. Sadly, I can’t remember her response! Don’t remember anything other than Mrs. Coombes name - was she geography? Of the other pupils you mention: Julie Bellamy I’d been to school with since I’d been 5; Angelina Bates and Andrew Philips I remember too. Wonder what happened to them? I hit 60 a couple of weeks ago - the party was, indeed, suitably small - not sure where the time goes, eh? Hey @Chevysheff - Mick, you are, I think, one of the only two people I’ve heard from my school contemporaries on the radio: aside from the obvious Russel Senior, and both years ago. Did you work for a company providing school bus services? I once caught you being interviewed on radio sheff(?), if that’s the case. The other would be Martin Parnham, who again I think I heard being interviewed on the radio about Cresswell Crags where he was maybe manager? Martin’s appearance made me laugh, not because of what he said on the day, but for the time he got me and a couple of others a detention in a music lesson for not being able to stop laughing at his impromptu version of Hall of the Mountain King - in what you would call “beatbox” style today! You had to be there...... Good to hear from you all, stay safe, eh? Woody
  5. Hey Phil All well here, you? Hoping this year’s going to be better than the last, eh? I took your advice, looked at some of your old posts and noticed the mention of your dad’s surname, so yep, I worked it out but I didn’t need to be Columbo to be fair! 😀
  6. OK, I think I've got @loughborough and @anoj, but I'm struggling a bit with @Chevysheff. From the names I'd guess you weren't in my class, but could be wrong! Is it just me that finds it a bit strange how cagey everyone is?! I'm the Woody from @anoj's earlier post!
  7. Hi @anoj I’m in that long list of our classmates, and I still play tennis! I think I know who you are from your login name and clues in your initial post. Assuming I’m right, how are you?! Good to hear you sounding so chipper. I also have good memories of Ashleigh (though I could have got more out of it if I’d been a harder worker!), especially the drama classes and productions that I think you excelled in. Difficult to believe how long ago it all was, isn’t it? Take care! Hi @Chevysheff Yes, I was there ‘72-‘79. See anoj’s post earlier for a list of most of my classmates.
  8. .. and now “was”........ To those of you on here that mentioned being taught to drive by Ted Wood, just a note to say he died on April 28th after a long period in and out of hospital.
  9. I read a report not long ago that said more students stayed in sheffield after they finished university than in any other uni city. Made me kinda proud! I've worked in Leeds for over 15 years and I concur with the comment above about the student areas.
  10. I remember feeling lucky.................not cos of seeing the flesh, but I made so little fuss about it (translation: scared witlees!) some of the others present - ok, the girls!! - thought I'd carried it off quite cooly! If only they'd known. I think I was in the same "enthusiastic" category - I LOVED it! - but little skill and less talent. hence not getting a word off Meg! I once had a reasonably important part tho - in the flaming Ice Epic, laid on the stage in silence at the very beginning, with a guy called Sean who was a "lead", shaking with repressed laughter from nerves at HAVING to stay still - musta got the part by mistake. Or default, I was one of the oldest by that time!
  11. Thyme cafe in broomhill? Loch Fyne opposite the Hallamshire Hosp?
  12. He DID have ginger hair! and i think there was another woman facilitator, also ginger(ish). I accidentally walked in on her nude in the changing rooms. Managed to maintain my composure, tho! I saw Meg a few times over the years, in passing, but she never spoke to me....... :-( Suppose that says it all about my acting ability!! :-) I remember Meg once giving us all a lecture about being "in the part" all the time, and mentioning someone who was exemplary at it, whatever we were doing - was that you?? I kinda remember the stripey socks, but not much else, I'm sorry to say!
  13. Well, I remember that one too! Meg toned down the original title as mentioned above to "What the Hell's going on here?" as I recall. The rather powerful (or so it seemedat the time!) piece ended with a group of us circling the aforementioned bullied teenager saying "frigid, frigid, frigid......." getting louder and louder and ended with her shouting or screaming. I had a bit role, and the guy "facilitating" with Meg told me to strut around like I carried my dong on a wheelbarrow!!! I like to think I strutted! :-) I remember the day at Hyde Park too - bear in mind I was from the Arbourthorne, even I thought it was a desolate place. I seem to remember there was a wall, maybe a toilet, with looooads of graffiti on, but that particular quote was bigger, or in white or something. Mind you, twas a while ago! I knew the girl who played the teenager, vaguely - she used to play tennis and I'd seen or spoken to her at one of the junior tournaments.
  14. why not try a tennis club? http://www.sdlta.org.uk has all sheffield's clubs, and also a singles league (not sure if you have to be a club member to enter).
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