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  1. We've just had a power cut in S35...lasted about 15 mins I think...... back on now.......... anyone else had one?
  2. We had replacement doors and windows and a conservatory done over 4 years ago and am very pleased with the quality and look of their products. After sales service is good too. Was recommended to them by a friend and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them too.
  3. We used Wickes a few years ago... they came and planned our kitchen and we were pleased with it. We didn't have them to fit it though cause we already knew a good kitchen fitter
  4. I received a card on New Years Eve on which the postmark was stamped at 13th December... and now am awaiting 2 packets posted on 30th December which normally arrive within 3 - 5 working days. Know it has been New Year but the weather shouldn't have prevented deliveries since then... no statements or anything coming through..... very strange.... and worrying.
  5. Hurrah received parcel today posted 25th November (one of two... other one was delivered last week)!!!!
  6. still not got my parcel posted 25.11.... only Christmas cards.... and someone elses not even on my road!!! it doesn't fill me with confidence... am wondering if my parcel has gone to the wrong address cause 1 other posted on the same date from the same company came last Tuesday I hope not
  7. yehah probably gonna have to do that.... seems incredible that so many people are missing stuff and the postie still has not been seen yesterday or today
  8. I had 2 items dispatched from Play.com on 25th November and only have received 1 of them on Tuesday........ which is a bit worrying. Have emailed them and had the reply that I should receive a response within 24 hours.. but that was 2 days ago and nothing yet. Waiting for 3 weeks before reporting it or requesting a replacement/refund is going to be too late for Christmas so not sure what to do now.
  9. Don't think it is going to get better unless strategies are put into place by the council and the government. All i am saying is I don't think forcing schools to open and putting childrens safety at risk so that parents can go to work is the answer. As you say all areas suffer including hospitals, shops, old people. The answer is to tackle the problem of keeping the roads open
  10. sorry but that is not the case...... some schools have split catchment areas.... they don't just take pupils from the area around the school,,, thats apart from parental choice where parents opt to send their child to a school other than their nearest. You only have to stand outside schools to see how many pupils are bussed in and brought in by parents. I work in the S10 area where there are 3 secondary schools within close proximity... and a large proportion of their pupils are bussed in. And what about the children with special needs. When my kids were at school we lived in the catchment area but they still had a walk of about 25 minutes in normal conditions to get to school... so the view that all pupils live around the corner from their schools is definitely dated. And I repeat.. even if I lived in the catchment area I would have been worried about pupils walking in the roads in the conditions we had last week. We are not talking about the odd one or two... large schools can have up to and over 1400 pupils.
  11. think the main point is being missed here... their education isn't going to suffer if they miss 2 or 3 days because of treacherous conditions. However having travelled to work myself this week and seen the abandoned cars and piles of snow making walking on the pavements virtually impossible in lots of areas thus forcing pedestrians onto the roads where cars were sliding about.. I certainly would not have thought it responsible or safe for thousands of pupils to be trying to walk to school in those conditions. Since South Yorkshire Police were asking folks not to go out unless absolutely necessary I would not have sent a child of mine to school this week whether it was open or not. As for working parents.... I worked when my children were at school but I always had contingency plans in place..... what happens when the children are suddenly taken ill???... I''m sorry but schools should not be used in order to keep the parents at work. The main point should be the safety of the children... that is paramount. I am sick and tired of hearing people having a go at teachers for not going in to work ( I am not a teacher by the way) when the fault is actually with the council for not keeping the roads and pavements safe for life to function... like it does in countries who are geared up for snow. Its no good saying its a one off so we don't need to spend more money on the snow and road clearing.... and then moaning what the economy is losing because the country grinds to a halt.
  12. I think instead of putting pressure on schools to open when clearly the pavements and roads are treacherous... the council ought to be looking at keeping them clear. On my journey to work yesterday morning... the roads were strewn with parked and abandoned cars, the pavements were piled with snow and pedestrians were forced to walk on the roads in many places, dodging cars when necessary. Is this the sort of health and safety Councillor Scrivens wants to subject our youngsters to.... instead of focusing on making schools open when clearly the conditions are treacherous to travel in (due to non clearing of snow on roads and pavements)... try channelling your energies into making sure the roads and pavements are safe... just the same as they do in Canada and other countries who cope with heavy snowfalls every year. When the police are telling us only to make necessary journeys... do you really want thousands of youngsters putting themselves at risk ... adults have struggled to arrive at work safely this week, putting pressure on youngsters this way is not only foolhardy, its irresponsible.
  13. I agree........ if you pay for something... you expect to receive it... simple!! I too bought a voucher,........ my first experience with Groupon.... and last experince with Fancie.
  14. Got a phone call today saying did i remember receiving a raffle ticket for a micra... well no (but apparantly oh did) and to let me know it had been entered in the prize draw!! THEN, she went on to say we had also won a free clean for a carpet, suite, rugs or mattress...... made sure she knew I wasn't interested.... but can imagine someone being sucked into this scam.... didn't ought to be allowed!!!
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