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  1. Don't know what Billy Malkin was. Con Aherne moved to the Millhouses but he will be retired now.
  2. My mate used to play the drums in the Brunswick. He used to back Billy Malkin (a kind of Ray Charles singer). Couldn't afford a pint of Queens was about 8p then used to go on the normal bitter about 7p.
  3. Guess who signed Pete Stringfellow's passport application form . ME. At that time he lived with his mum and dad on the Gleadless Valley.
  4. Couldn't agree more than with Taxman. We collect the money, he spends it on arms.
  5. Sorry to raise this again but yesterday I got a phone call from a mobile number. As i did not recognise the number I dialled 1471. Guess what it was an 0845 number!
  6. According to the 6 o clock news MP's have asked for a 32% rise.
  7. Apparently Sheffield Library has a book of the Hallamshire cutlers. Suppose it will be in the reference section of the Central library.
  8. Go on U-Switch. I had the same trouble with E-ON . Got a much better quote from First Utility.
  9. When I used to work for the Inland Revenue (many years ago) if one partner couldn't pay his part of the tax, then we would go after the other partner. As far as I know this still applies
  10. I've been getting a lot of phone calls which just stop as soon as I pick up the reciever. When I do 171 to find out who has phoned it's always an 0845 number. Needless to say Idon't phone it back. BE WARNED
  11. Just report him to the Inland Revenue. They will make his life a misery.
  12. Try U - Switch. Put me on a tariff reduced from £107 per month to £84 per month.
  13. All National Express coaches on their way to London stop at East Midlands. Be a damm sight cheaper than a taxi.
  14. I'm with Benenden (ex civil servant) and kept it on after I retired. Best thing I've ever done. They paid for my brain scan and an MRI scan and the specialist advice. Then went on the NHS at Hallamshire, recieved excellent service there too.
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