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  1. Hi Zebra If you're reading this your folder is full and I wanted to ask you re facepainting at a party. Could you PM me when you clear some space? Thanks K
  2. Hi Hel Could I please have the phone number for Jill at Hackenthorpe cause that's where I live. Cheers
  3. Hi Anniec My hubby came to my first appointment and it's nice to go through everything together and have support. I went for a blood test with the midwife on Thursday and told him not to bother coming as I'd be in and out and what did she do, let me hear the heartbeat for the first time he was guttered!!! Needless to say he will be coming everywhere with me from now on. Just a tip never forget your pregnancy notes, I did in a fit of stupidity and where my blood was taken I'm now all bruised, revenge perhaps?
  4. Hi everyone Just thought I'd tell you all that my scan went fine and there's only one (phew!) I got a good pic and I'm a week further than I thought. We saw Peanut have a stretch and wiggle its fingers at us! Feel so much better now can't wait for my 20wk scan. Take care everyone!
  5. ME ME and ME!!!! I'm 13 weeks, am going for my first scan on Tuesday and totally paranoid! I'm having trouble sleeping because 1) I'm worried somethings wrong and 2) I'm worried there's more than one in there! I have been feeling sick throughout the day and night up until last week but woke up and was sick this morning accompanied with a headache all day. Peanut is our first mini us and we can't wait after trying for a year we thought we were duds. Hope to speak to you all again soon x
  6. Hi Peeps Just wondered if someone could help me as it's my first time on here! I'm 13 weeks and want to take up yoga and pos swimming. I've been told not to yoga until 16 weeks but all the classes are S10 way and I live near Crystle Peaks and don't want to travel too far. I also would like to do a swimming class either something like aqufit or just plain swimming but for pregnant woman if there are any. I don't want to do anything at home as I need to pay so I will do it! Any ideas? Cheers x
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