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  1. Hi everyone Can anybody tell me where I can get an energy proformance pack or a flat I am selling in Rotherham and what it will cost. Thanks for any
  2. Hi I do alot of renovation work can't do anything while big while sept, but will give you a quote if you can wait.
  3. Hi the problem with the room with no window is no fire escape. If your like me and love your kids which i'm sure you do, don't do anything to put their safety at risk.
  4. Hi, there isn't any easy way to get them out. pm me with your address if your not to far away i'll come get you started (free)
  5. Hi, Try chris at 5 star windows we use him for work we do too, hes brilliant. 07775951823 __________________ Andi Ison, Logical Construction Extension-Loft conversions-Conservatories-Renovations. 01709305872 or 07738865299 Andi-ison@hotmail.co.uk Yes try 5 star windows been around for years good quality
  6. 5 star windows been around 15 years call chris 07775951823 he's cheep to
  7. Hi if you want me to give you a quote, I can do the building work and fit the kitchen.Giv me a call if you want me to come and look.
  8. If the man is registered with the NIC/ELECSA or any other govening body then it will be fine to to us this business. By being registered with the NICICE proves he is a competent person and will have all the correct qualifications. He will also have liabillity insurance which is a good thing because you never know. You don't need insurance backed guarantee because all work carried out by this person is covered by the nic or elecsa, which means if the person who did the work goes out of business elecsa will send another contractor to sort out the problem/fault. If you have any more queries or don't understand, just give me a call/e-mail.
  9. I paid £800.00 for my mini van, when it was a rolling shell about 2 years ago.
  10. Try 5 star windows he does alot of repairs (chris on 07775951823)
  11. make sure you see there work or come recommended as as the 2 guys above are so right
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