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  1. I am getting fed up with the litter and dog poo situation around Hillsborough and as the link showed from the Star, people can group together and have clean ups, I would definitely be up for this as I am constantly picking litter up our street and would like to clean up as much as possible. Maybe a litter group could be created on the new Hillsborough Forum on facebook...
  2. Please may anyone reccomend a reliable and good damp repair company in Sheffield, preferbly in the S6 area. Many thanks.
  3. Please may anyone reccomend a reliable and good damp repair company, preferbly S6 area. Many thanks.
  4. Has anybody had a wedding at Bradfield Village Hall or been to a reception there and have any thoughts on it as a venue?
  5. Does anybody know if it is true she was seen in Dore earlier this week and rumoured to have bought a house there?
  6. Hi, would anyone know of a good boiler fixer in Hillsborough?
  7. Has anyone seen the boarded up house on Woodseats, just up from the Abbey, on the opposite side, police were there earlier and the whole house was boarded up, and the word crack was wrote on one of the wood placings. Does anyone know whats gone off?
  8. Hi, I heard on Terry Wogan yeterday morning and there was a bit on Radio Sheffield about a Sporting Chefs Dinner next week, where some ex-footballers are cooking the dinner in aid of Children In Need. Does anybody know anything, sounds quite interesting, I think they said at a place called Coghlans?
  9. There is a place at Heeley, Thirlwell Road off Chesterfield Rd (up from the Red Lion). I think it is called Hukins, its like someones house, but they have every kind of baking products, its been there donkeys x
  10. Hi, does anybody know of a good plasterer in the Hillsborough area?
  11. Hiya. Some friends of mine got theirs done by chap on Sharrowvale Road, and they looked very good, I'm going to get mine done, I think he will come and collect them and roughly about £20 per door.
  12. I would like to pay tribute on this site to all Sheffielders, football fans or not, this chap will be sadly missed in all parts of this great footballing city. As a Wednesdayite from the early 80's, I never had the privelage of seeing him break the net, time after time in those great but brief years he had for us, my Grandad told me many a story of him and I do not belive there has a been a similar player like him (maybe Hirsty). It was a harsh end to his Hillsborough days the way he got sacked by SWFC on Christmas Eve 1973. He went onto great success with the commercial side at the Lane and then his great chairmanship. I have had the honour of meeting him in the last few years through work and he had so much warmth and was geniunely interested in who I was. You will be missed Derek and next month's derby has to be the DOOLEY DERBY. -OWLS FOREVER X
  13. Alright I meant they got out of Volvo's with those Flat caps they wear when carrying guns and made the driver stop and pointed the guns at the tram!
  14. Did anybody see 5 armed police cars with marksmen stop the Halfway bound tram today at 1.40pm on Ridgeway Rd at the junction of Hollinsend Road?
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