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  1. Another positive for Sam Lovatt the plumber. Will definitely be using him for future jobs!!
  2. Well if your dog has come from Greece, there's a very high chance they were previously a street dog. Greece has big issues with strays just being able to breed as they are never domesticated or looked after. You will more than likely find there are no records, as there will have been no record held of this dog prior to a rescue organisation taking them off the street. Chances are they are simply like this because it's a totally different way of life to what they've ever had, they've had a very turbulent time in the last couple of years with different people and places - the dog still won't know if it's coming or going. Time will fix this Unless there is any record of which rescue has taken this dog in in Greece, you won't find out. I've had a few rescue dogs - it's strange not knowing their background, don't get too hung up on it - they've started their new life with you now, just focus on that rather than details you'll never know
  3. Hello You have a reactive dog. As do I You will not know 'why', as sometimes there is no why - it just is. Your dog is having a hard time! It will require work on your part to make life a little easier and stress free for them, but you will see confidence grow and small changes over time. It's hard work but very rewarding! The best thing you can do is look into a behaviourist. They will be able to see if you dog is reacting to other dogs because it is scared (like mine - fear based agression) or you could have a frustrated greeter on your hands. They should be able to show you modern positive techniques (nothing to scare or stress the dog out further - that could turn dangerous) to help your pooch cope without overloading them. You should look into counter conditioning re the lead and collar to help the dog see something good where they currently see something stressful. There are a couple of really good facebook groups - Reactive Dogs UK is one I'd say to look at - there is a lot of knowledge in there. All I can really say is put the work in that clearly the last lot of owners couldn't be bothered with, and life will be better for you both! Good luck
  4. No, it is not too late to train him! you would use something called counter conditioning, when you train him that other dogs are a good thing. You need to work out what is causing the issue - is it fear or frustration or excitement etc. Hard work but you CAN fix it You can look at the 'reactive dogs (uk)' page on facebook for some really good positive advice. Agree that a trainer/behaviourist will help if you aren't confident, but you do only want a positive trainer. No shock collars / negative old fashioned training...it just doesn't work and stresses your dog out even more. Good luck!
  5. The kindest thing for him really would be to look at some arrangement to get him out of the house/ a bit of company for a little bit of the day. I have two dogs and work full time - to me, paying a dog walker is simply part of the cost of having dogs and working full time. Their happiness is very important to me and I feel that is a good way of giving them a good quality of life whilst I have to be out of the house to work. I would never simply just leave them all day if I have to work full time.
  6. Hello, I wonder if anyone has suggestions for people to carry out the following work please? I don't really know where to start and need some quotes so I know which ones to do first! - Fireplace re do - it's currently a weird hole in the wall, but would like it re-doing so I can sit an electric log burner in (I have pictures I can email for quotes of what it looks like now and what I'd like it to look like after) - Laying laminate or wood (undecided which yet) down in an 8mx3m living room and small hallway - My kitchen ceiling is polystyrene tiles, hidden by a slightly lowered 'office ceiling tile' type monstrosity with spotlights set in. Ideally, I'd like the lot out and just plastered and new light fittings in. -I'd like a murphy bed to go in my spare room. Really struggling to see anywhere local that does these, but I need my room to be dual purpose so I think a murphy bed is the way to go. Has anyone done these before? Sorry that was lengthy - any help greatly appreciated Lisa
  7. Why not head out to some of the rescue centres? Loads of doggies absolutely thrilled with some human attention and walkies. It's a lot of fun
  8. Is it causing traffic in town does anyone know? Thanks! ---------- Post added 28-09-2016 at 16:59 ---------- Oops - cordon has now been lifted - just seen!
  9. Carol at BullsEye Dog Training is really good , we used her previously and were very happy (modern, positive, force free trainer - which is what you want!!) https://www.facebook.com/bullseyedogtraining/?fref=ts
  10. I either use Bed and Biscuits in Nether edge, or my dog walker Ali (can give tel no if needed) who will stay in our house and dog sit & walk/house sit while we're away. If you've cats as well, it might be worth looking at a house/animal sitter?
  11. Look up a positive method of training - you'll find info on counter conditioning. You need to make her associate your mum with good things. So far, they're all pretty negative reactions your mum has given her, and that's really not going to help her. It's not consistent, and confusing to the dog. Raising hair on the back might indicate fear. You could do with a behaviourist, as it's clear that for whatever reason, your dog is really not happy being left alone with your mum. Hope you get it sorted - it will take a bit of hard work and consistency but hopefully shouldn't be too hard to rectify.
  12. Julie at Purrfect & Pooch in S5 just behind Concord Park is absolutely wonderful
  13. Wealth Management & Growth. Now showing as being at Chippinghouse Rd in S8
  14. Hello! I work at Hawsons Wealth Management, and the advisers here are AE specialists. We've been setting up and processing schemes since AE came in. 0114 229 6557 if you still need to chat to someone, our advisers also run free AE workshops (I've sat in a few - they're pretty useful for the clueless!)
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