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  1. Thank you, I guess il only know if I can do it when I do, just quite scary
  2. And it's easy to say but harder to do, il be at work all day but when I get home is when I start to go over what has happened in the old releationship, il remember the good things and the bad things won't seem so bad, then il get upset, miss the ex and the whole circle starts again and I don't want to keep doing that
  3. I think it's the boredom issue, once I've done everything I've got to do il be looking at 4 walls. It's the first time since I was 23ish so nearly 20yrs
  4. I'm soon to be living alone but being alone scares me, how do you or others combat this?
  5. I'm looking for new windows and doors and I'm unsure what company to go with, what made you choose the company you went with? Thank you
  6. Hi, Thank you for your reply. I'd love the number please, she had another go today but I was stood right next to her so stopped it immediately.
  7. I've got 2 Jack Russels and a Rottie, the Jack Russels are mum & son. All of the dogs have been nutered. Mum jack Russell was originally my mums but she's now mine since mum passed away. She has suddenly taken to attacking my rottie who's a boy and is 14yrs old. I've had to seperate them tonight as she wouldn't stop attacking him and she means it! The rottie wouldn't then stay away from her and kept coming back to her but apart from growling didn't attempt to bite. Once parted and left to calm down everything is fine. Any advice appreciated.
  8. I'm selling my mums 3 scooters and wheelchair, stairlift. I've spoken to a couple of mobility shops and there not willing to buy the scooters as there above 10yr old, there in good condition but do need odd things sorting out, one has a puncture, one needs a new battery, seat needs tightening Anyone any ideas? Unfortunately I need to sell them to help towards costs
  9. My rottie is 13 and on meta am, he had trouble with his back leg so the vent put him on meta am, these last couple of days he's got worse on one side, has anyone experienced it? Wondered if the weather was causing it to appear worse?
  10. Our two had it last year and the vet gave us antibiotics for them and advised us to give them child's cough medicine, our Rottie wasn't happy with it but the jack Russell just wanted to take the spoon to bed with him!
  11. Hi, Ive just started making Syringe Driver Bags etc from patterns on Making for Charity Website. Anyone in need of one or connected to anyone using/needing please get in touch
  12. Ive got the Dog! lol and Fish ---------- Post added 18-06-2014 at 12:11 ---------- Ok, a quick update, not mush has happened to change the situation but heres a question To give a chance to the releationship and for it to change and work how long would you give? 4 weeks 3 months 12 months
  13. Im not bothered about being "coupled up" its more the fact of going home and no one being there to talk to, i know il miss him when ive gone but i think its a company thing as he sleeps many evenings on the sofa while i watch tv
  14. We do pretty much at the moment, i have my friends he has his, we dont go out together, we dont have the same interests he doesnt want to go out at night but will do early bar i just hate the thought of giving up
  15. Tinfoil hat I know where your coming from with that and it isn't blunt at all. Mum has lung cancer and has had for 2 years now so she's doing well. I have thought about this side of things and it is difficult, my other thought is that I stay and mum passes but then my husband is 59-60 and I then feel it's not fair to leave him at his age
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