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  1. My favorite b/w film is The Haunting. It helps to give the movie a more gothic and (no pun intended) haunting feel to it.
  2. Have you tried Patriot Games. I think they have games nights.
  3. Think I will stick with Ash v Evil Dead
  4. Sit them down in front of the TV for a marathon Jeremy Kyle session. After a few hours watching that they will never do drugs, they will look after their teeth, use condoms (when the time comes...no pun intended), will not cover themselves in tattoos and not wear grey baggy jogging bottoms.
  5. Sir Ian McKellen and Danny Dyer.....the clue is in his name
  6. Where they flying in F/A-18 Hornets?
  7. The safest way to view the Dark Web is to just turn the brightness down on your screen. Then you can go as dark as your comfortable with.
  8. The amount of damage done is estimated to be as high as £4.37 Celebrities are already arranging Broom Aid. One group already signed is the 90's dance sensation SNAP
  9. My friend has been camping for the last week. Must have been unbearable in the tent at night. Hope she slept with her flaps open.
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