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  1. Hi Johnpm, I think the officer sat on the left side of Les Cusworth is Philip Thoday from the 23rd Beck Road Co.
  2. Hi Hendo's lovers, Try Morrisons café in Ecclesfield it's out on some of the tables. it goes well with their fish and chips also their meat pies.
  3. If you take a meal in Ecclesfield Morrisons you will find Hendersons out on some of the tables, it goes very well with the fish and chips or meat pie
  4. Hi Sandy and Rodney, Here are a few names he might remember from the St Christophers junior football team. David White David Markham Malcolm Seemley Mick Swift Jack Lunn Tony Arno Derek Tingle Keith Goddard Williamson Turner Gunter Hibberd I remember walking from Bellhouse road to Burncross road and back just after the move. I now live at Burncross. I'll send a PM
  5. Would Rodney Kaye be the one who moved from Bellhouse Road to Burncross Road In Chapeltown at the end of the fifties.
  6. earlier today was told of the passing Tommy Parkinson who was a member of quite a few groups in Ecclesfield Village, including the Brass band and the Bowlng Club. He was on the management at Greens foundry which was on the site Morrisons occupy today. he was a proper gent who was very sociable.
  7. Hi Bloggsy, I'm one of your year, you where in 1.3 in the far end prefab with Mr Harrison who christened you Bloggs. I was in 1.2 (middle Prefab) with Miss Vernon. if I remember rightly You played in Goal at football for the school if you read the whole of this thread you will find a good few reminisces of our year, Elmambo is another one of our year. Quite a few of our school chums have unfortunately passed away, Malcolm Seemley, Janet Hood, Mick Chilton and ? Seaton, Roy Staton. I became an apprentice @E.S.C progressing to the fuel engineering dept. Finally I became a Hospital Engineer. I will send you a private message. ---------- Post added 15-05-2013 at 00:11 ---------- In Friends Reunited There are a few Photo's of Pupils At owler lane, of interest to most is a list of what the staff were paid around 1958. of interest to Bloggsy is a photo of the 1957 2nd 11 football team. I,m still looking for my photo's of every year I was there 1953 to 1958
  8. I started work in 1958 in the apprentice workshop at English Steel Corpoation and a weeks wage was 39 shillings and 6 pence which attracted 6 pence in income tax, can't remember how much mum asked me for, but I feel it was about 30 bob (shillings). At that time 3 pence bought a bag of chips.
  9. Hi, can anyone remember a young geography teacher Mr Clarke (gloops). He carried a length of rubber gas pipe in his hand. If your hand were on the desk when walked up and down between the desks, he lashed out across your nuckles, it really stung for a fair ammont of time after. Did get my own back when I shut a vice on his hand when he visited the apprentice workshops at E.S.C, a year after I left.
  10. Pop certainly played an imaginary violin on many times, but Ican recall he player at christmas assembly. chalk was used a cig whilst he stood in for a missing teacher. The severn hills and rivers of sheffield was his favourite lesson he had a knack of making it very absorbing. I he needed to dish out a canning he hand over to Boris to administer. I rember 30 or so been rounded up for fratanising with the girls from the adjacent school, who had run off with our tennis ball (footballs were not allowed in the yards). Poor old Boris was out on feet by the time he got to last lad.
  11. To be reminded of the older christmas songs and carols. The handbell ringers have an evening on a saturday just before Christmas it will bring back lots of memories. look up on line under , Ecclesfield hand bell ringers.
  12. Hi elmambo, I was in the form 3B based in the science lab. Remember when atracted a canning we used to stand under the lamp with the cooley shade, he stood on the raised platform athe front bench. When he lifted the cane he caught the the lamp shade this slowed down his downward stroke thus the blow was softend. Very little pain? Remember his old Austin 7 . He used to give Joe Lupton a lift home both thier heads must have touched the roof. Somebody once propped up the rear Axil on bricks, they both got in and of course it failed to move he put it in reverse and it bounced off the bricks, both banging heads on the roof. It was very funny to watch.
  13. Boris certainly did get the wrong half of the class, pelets hit the glass partition and that side got the stick. Boris certainly had some funny ways, he once refereed a school match in pouring rain, he a long mac and wellies on, whistle in mouth, he never moved from the half way line on the touch line. I remember him, as we were sitting down shouting Chiltern, Bygraves, Seaton bring you books and then canning them because they had not started working, (they hadn't had time). Glasby also picked on these three.
  14. Elmambo, Was you in the far end prefab, Tony Shepard (blogs) was in you class, the only other names I can recall are Malcolm Seemley and Janet Hood neither of which are still with us. Some of your form rooms were the science lab in the second year (physic teacher in charge) 3rd year can't remember 4th year Mr Board Room 7 and 5 year room 3 (Joe Lupton). We have both remembered Boris Canning half the class for flicking paper pelets at partition. It follows that we must have been in the same class at some time at the school.
  15. Hi wombatc, We have comunicated before on the hatfield house lane site, when I was unable to help you locate old school mates. Little did i know that we had worked togeather in the apprentice workshop and the die sinking shop. I was on the marking out table, the slider on the table was marking out track link dies for the keller milling m/s. it's a long time ago and I spent 9 months in the die shop drawing office.I remember George Walker, he wore glasses and one night shift we lossed the lights, fires were lit in the scrap pans. poor old George walked into one cutting his nose. I have a Few memories of funny things that happened in the die shop whilst I worked in it. I have a friend who was in the apprentice workshop at that time who has good memory of the trainers. I'll ask him for some of the names, and put them on this site later. Their is a site on the forum "any body from shiregreen" on here I have put list of my class mates fr om beck road junior school, I am sure you will remember some of them. Clown (private message to you on it's way)
  16. sorry neither of the names ring a bell, mostly christian names were used. I left the die shop in1962.
  17. Some Die shop names around 1960 Syd Mason Forman Ernest ? Chargehand(secretary of die shop football team and shop steward) Roy Kilner Marking out Frank Crossley Marking out Walt Sherratt Marking out Ron Taylor Marking out Derek Tingle Marking out David Holgate Marking out Danny Hill Die sinker Pete Mortimer Driller ? Wilson Forman on turners or millers memory not so good i can see faces but names not forth comming can any one add to this list, or have any memories.
  18. would the name of the dentist be Franklin the telephone ext was 230
  19. I left in july 1958 Taffy Wales left the same day, he spent a good 6 months working on that plack. I believe he was the longest seving teacher at that time. his punishmet to pupils who upset him was couple of strikes on the hand with a thee sixteenth stainless steel rod, which if he got you on the fleshy part of your thumb it realy hurt. he was an excellent metal work teacher and very good at engineering drawing.
  20. Hi wombatc, Neither of the names ring a bell to us. George Machin did live near us but unfortunately he passed away somee 10 years ago. David Hamshaw is living somewhere near Ecclesfield as I've said hellow once or twice recently in Morrisons. Both these two must have been in your year at HHL. Sorry I can't help you any more in quest to locate old school mates.
  21. Hi Wombat, I didn't go to Hadfield House Lane, but played football for St Christophers and Hatfield House Lane Methodist a few of them must have gone to Hatfield House Lane. I sat next to Florence Gibson at Beck and lived across road from Eileen Macmanas. You are the first to reply to my list, which was intended to jog memories. I started a thread Beck Road Chaple this died without a reply. I am married to a girl who went to Hatfield House Lane, she would be two years below you.
  22. In the late 60's St Josephs on Howard Road Walkley housed Females and children on lts wards. Nuns Did all the Nursing, from 1970 onwards the N H S Began a gradual take over of the running of the unit which had 4 wards.
  23. Hi Hillsboro, the list says that they had a general sec and numerous assistants, these were simmilar to insurance agents and collected premiums and helped with claim forms etc. There was an office in the Nether Edge area at Juction of Broadfield Road and Abbeydale Road South. I can remember going to the office in the 60s or 70s.
  24. Hi Hillsbro, Some of the names ring a bell with me, my uncle was W Batty 21 newstead Grove, I seem to remember messrs Fountain, Westney and Ripley.
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