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  1. I am currently in London for week doing a course at The General Assembly. They have given me some homework tonight that I must complete by and return to speak to some electric car owners as part of my coursework. Would anybody who owns an electric car be willing to help a Sheffielder out by answering a few questions specificlly about charging either over PM or phone. I'm not trying to sell anything I promise. Many thanks in advance Steve
  2. There are no monsters in this one except maybe people in the way they treat each other. It's more of a what if documentary than an action / horror movie
  3. Absolutely, wasn't expecting it to look new, it received it this morning. The image is of course grainy but definitely, the best release of it to date, The most noticeable improvement is the sound which has been cleaned up a fair bit.
  4. Apologies if I'm late on this one. I spotted that Threads, the infamous nuclear apocalypse movie is now available on Bluray. I am guessing that it will be a fairly limited run due to the nature of it. Up to now, I have only seen it on 240p on youtube which was a pretty dismal experience. I'm so looking forward to my copy arriving I was only 6 in 1984 when it was released so I don't remember any of the filming. Does anyone have any memories of this?
  5. Hi OP, Totally agree with Davyboy here. I have been into photography myself for about 6 years. Up until about 2 years ago I shot all images in Jpeg. Looking back at the images I took there are a few that I wish I could work on in Photoshop now that I have learned some basics but no longer have the option. If your camera has the ability to shoot both I would highly recommend switching to that mode sooner rather than later. You will certainly sacrifice memory card space as a RAW can be more than twice the size of the Jpeg but you can pick memory cards up really cheaply these days. Other than that when out in the field take lots and lots of pictures. One of my personal issues at first is that I would get to hung up trying to take one or two perfect pictures of a subject. When I came to look at these on the big screen they were never as good as they appeared on the camera LCD now i take a lot more shots of subjects and end up getting what I want. Its amazing how 3 or 4 frames that look identical at the time of shooting differ when you look at them later!
  6. Hi Doug, Heres a complete list of backwards compatable titles hope it helps https://majornelson.com/blog/xbox-one-backward-compatibility/
  7. Have to agree with the madness want to throw Airwolf and Quantum Leap into the mix!
  8. Hi Guys, Thank you for the comments. I only know him to say hello to when we bump in to each other in the flats entrance. It's almost impossible to chat to him as he gets away as quick as he can so I guess he is embarrassed for the noise he makes. One of the neighbours says his mother visits every other day, but I have never seen her. She must come around when I am at work.
  9. Hi Guys, Myself my wife and our toddler daughter moved into a council flat just over a year ago. Around 2 weeks after moving in we started to hear blood curdling screems and arguments containing every swearword under the sun and then some. from the next door neighbour. I went downstairs with the intention of knocking on the door to see if there was a problem. However I was met at the bottom of the stairs by an old lady from within our block (who has now moved out). She explained to me that our neighbour is a schitzophrenic and from time to time he stops taking his pills which leads to the screams we heard. One of my close family members is mentally ill so with the knowledge of my neighbours condition I was able to turn a blind eye. Over the last 4 months his outbursts have become a daily event and can last from 10am till 4 or 5 the following morning when he has probably exhasted himself out. This has on occaisions woke us up startled. But now my daughter is picking up on him and she is terrified of our flat and 3 or 4 times a week wakes up with nightmares. So far I have not involved the counsel mainly because I understand that he is suffering himself while ticking. But as a father I feel I need to get my daughter away from the premises. We made the descision last week of sending her to her grandparents for a couple of week so she could get some sleep. Has anyone else had issues with a noisey neighbour and they hve not wanted to report the persom because they know the person isn't making the noises out of choice. The last thing I want to do is get the poor fella kicked out of his own home, but I cant put my daughter through any more of this. Cheers Steve
  10. Cheers guys, appreciate the feedback. Wanted to play about with the cheaper gear Agreed on the larger ones. Will buy a set and see how I go.
  11. Hi, My friend and I have been playing around with natural light portrait photography. We are now looking to purchase a set of reflectors and just wondered if anyone here had tried the cheap sets on ebay like these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/110cm-43-Reflector-5in1-Multi-Collapsible-Round-Photo-Studio-Light-Handle-Grips-/172071080506?hash=item28103c523a:g:0LMAAOSwjVVV1Z7V Just wondered if anyone else had tried them and if theyy were any good. Cheers, Steve
  12. My American Bull dog travels on the busses quite regularly and he would be a similar size to your GSD. Only ever had issues when there are other dogs on the bus and the driver doesnt want to risk any fracas, sadly they can't take your word for it that a dog is friendly with other dogs and they cant risk injury to passengers (hence drivers choice) and when the bus is really packed.
  13. Hi Sheffield Knitters, It was suggested to my wife about 18 months that she takes up knitting amongst other things to aid her with her depression. She took the advice and has started but never completed numerous projects, mainly because she doesnt really know where to start. She wants to knit clothing and toys for our toddler. Does anyone know of any clubs or groups close to S8 where she can learn skills so she can finally complete something! Many thanks in advance, Steve
  14. Hi, My current media centre setup consists of a Raspberry Pi2, network hard drive all linked up to my tv. The setup has been really reliable up but im wanting to take it a bit more up market and build a HTPC with a SSD & Blu-Ray drive but also eliminate the number of wires by sticking everything in a single tower including my hard drives. However, Im not wanting to run this as a windows system but pretty much boot up straight in to Kodi via a mini Linux distro like my Pi2 does. Is this possible / easy to set up or would I have to install an OS like windows 10 when using a larger machine. Cheers, Steve
  15. This is on the history section of their website. "The Wartime Years - The First World War saw the company's Sheffield factories given over to the war effort, producing army clothing, munitions and fine waterproof watches for the Admiralty. With war came new avenues of business, equipping hotels, restaurants, clubs, military messes, shipping and railway companies all over the world. The Second World War saw this activity recommence, while the Paris company was seized and the French staff forced to continue working in the shop and, rather ironically, serve a visiting Field Marshal Goering. During the First World War, Mappin's Campaign watch was such a military must-have that the company offered a special service, delivering watches direct to the front line for just a shilling. "
  16. Thanks for the advice guys, I think for the amount of pole fishing I do The Airity is probably more than what I'd want to spend at this stage. But, I hadnt actually thought of Whips, so I have been looking at Daiwa's back catalogue and some of the Team Daiwa System Whips can be picked up at a reasonable cost so I have added these to conseideration, the only issue being the overall length. @Dars I know what you mean about Drennan!, one of my biggest regrets was selling my IM8 feeder and bomb rods a few years ago. I believe I have found the Sensas Silverfish pole here, http://www.benwick-sports.co.uk/whips/1994-sensas-magic-silver-fish-10m.html so I am going to try to find a local stockist so I can have a proper look, the price point suits me too! Thanks everyone for your advice.
  17. Over the next few weeks I begin my Summer / Autumn fishing season, so I went into my outhouse to get my pole ready for re-elastication, unfortunately it has been smashed Beyond repair . Now I need a new pole. My intention was to put a want AD on the forum, but want to explore the options of new first. My requirements seem very simple until I look on websites or in shops where everything seems to be targetted towards commercial fisheries. I need a pole 11m or less (i usually fish at around 8m and use the remainder if I am lucky enough to hit a tench or chub. The max elastic I had in my old pole was a 10 and in my second top 3 I had a 6. I am the type of angler who values catching half a dozen 12oz+ roach more than a bag of commercial fisheries carp. I fish some stretches of the Don, small ponds & canals. I am looking for a light pole that allows me to have fun with smaller fish, so I am not looking for something with the rigidity of a snooker Queue. Any advice on new poles or should I be looking towards the classified sections? Cheers, Steve
  18. As a father myself I find that I am in a similar position. Im not into RPG as much myself, however, I do find borderlands a decent game I can sit for an hour or 2 and complete the odd mission. If you like story based games the telltale games can be played in chapters. Walking dead seasons 1 & 2 , Game of thrones, the wolf among us etc
  19. Hey guys, Looking for a few Xbox one buddies to play racing and shooter games with online. I'm 37 and a casual gamer (After work & weekends) looking for people of a similar age group or older. I currently play: Battlefront Battlefield Hardline Black ops 3 Halo 5 Forza 6 Forza Horizon 2 + many others. Looking for players who will use mic's I don't get offended so swearers are welcome (I am one also so bare this in mind if you add me!!). Gamer Tag is steveb1978 just like here on the forum. Happy Fragging Steve
  20. great post, I have an American Bulldog who chews Kongs all the time, Touch wood to date he has never chewed through on, he once received one from a friend as a gift which he did destroy quite quickly on inspection this Kong was a cheaper knock off. Fortunately there were no ill effects except little bits of rubber in his poop for a day or 2! So if you do allow your dogs to use Kongs ensure you buy the genuine branded ones from somewhere reputable.
  21. You may not consider them your best but they look pretty spectacular to me! I always struggle with shutter speed especially when it comes to helicopter blades.
  22. Trainspotting & anything by John Williams and the late James Horner
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