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  1. 2pc chicken N chips for £1.99. I hate to think what kind of life the chicken had :suspect: writing as vegetarian
  2. Just need help I am thinking buy Mobile phone from some one who got it us upgrade. He has got receipt, he will give me the receipt. Question 1) If he stops paying bill would company block the phone 2) can he report phone stolen and insurance company block the phone 3) is there any precautions’ I need to take before buying thanks
  3. wow thanks for all the support fixed the problem thanks again
  4. I have a Baxi 105e and a Drayton Digistat wireless controller. The problem lies between the transmitter RF3 and the Receiver SCR. The Receiver is indicating there is a fault as the 'alarm' light is constantly on. The only way to operate the boiler is to override the alarm button but then the temperature and timing cannot be controlled. I checked the instructions and removed the batteries from the transmitter as suggested but this hasn't made any difference. I also tried turning it off for a length of time but again this made no difference. I called out a plumber but he had no idea! Any help with this would be really appreciated ! I need to try and fix it myself if possible Thanks :confused:
  5. Sennheiser CX300 White In-Ear Headphones £40 at maplin however http://www.ebuyer.com/product/108621 £25
  6. Get the LG CHOCOLATE BLACK FOR 29.99 using thewincanton and oposo codes. COMPANY NAME IS WINCANTON AND CODE IS OPOSO Got mine this morning and know it works fine, i ordered a tenner top up aswell. http://shop.orange.co.uk/shop/show/offer/exclusive_discounts?WT.mc_id=ora06077_un_01
  7. considering purchasing stip of land. (to extend the garden) do i need to go through conveyancing to purchase the land or can it be done yourself with agreement in writing from sellar? buying for £2500 + my and his solicitor's cost (my soli and his would set me ~£1000 back), question is there cheaper way of doing it?
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