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  1. For anyone interested in visiting or finding out more about old aircraft; Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire is a Heritage Lottery Funded project bringing together 10 aviation sites including 3 RAF sites. Their website has details of all sites and events and you can download a 'passport' with details of each site from http://www.visitlincolnshire.com/aviation
  2. Last night's Look North article about the Tinsley Towers is available to view on the BBC's website: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7530012.stm
  3. Hi MissDizzy, I tried PMing you but not sure if you received it? Am interested in finding out more.
  4. I'm sorry, they're not for sale - the limited print run was delivered to Tinsley households.
  5. Jilly69 - thanks for mentioning these. Kipper - glad you like 'em. zed217 (and anyone else who's interested) - there was a limited print run, and one set of the four postcards is being delivered to every household in Tinsley free of charge. The postcards were printed as part of a project that we at Eventus are involved in, with Sheffield City Council, funded by Arts Council England. They were designed by Ali White, who is a photographer, writer and digital artist. Ali spoke to some local residents about how they perceive the towers, what they mean to them, and the place that they have in their lives (good or bad). You might have seen the recent articles in the Sheffield Star or Sheffield Telegraph? You can see the postcards on the BBC South Yorkshire website.
  6. If you're interested, there's going to be an interactive radio play and phone-in about Parson Cross on BBC Radio Sheffield this Friday (23 May 2008 ). It'll be on Rony Robinson's show, between 12noon and 1pm. The play has been written by Dead Earnest Theatre (in Sheffield) based on interviews and meeting with residents of Parson Cross. If you listen to the show, you'll be able to phone-in and comment during and after the performance. It's part of a project that we at Eventus have been working on with Sheffield City Council, funded by Arts Council England. You can find out more if the following link to our website works...!http://www.eventus.org.uk/index.php/news
  7. Do you have any photos of Weston Park - the bandstand? the duckpond? the tennis courts? the gates? war memorials? statues? people on a summer's day, or at an event? If so, would you be happy to share them with us? We've set up a new website about Weston Park http://www.westonpark.org.uk/yourwestonpark and are in the process of creating a booklet about the park. We are collecting stories and images from the people who have worked in and visited the park over the years. A selection of those collected will be used on the website or in the booklet. We'd love to hear from you. We are a not-for-profit organisation and the project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the restoration of the park. Therefore, we cannot pay any fees for images but will give full credit to the photographers whose images we use.
  8. Has anyone out there ever played in the Weston Park bandstand? or in the park itself? We know there's a long history of brass bands playing the park, and perhaps even an orchestra. There were rock concerts in the 70s and 80s, and we're trying to find out who played at them. Did you play? or do you remember watching the gig? Do you remember the date, or have any photos? We've set up a website http://www.westonpark.org.uk/yourwestonpark and are collecting stories from all the people who have worked and played in the park over the years. Take a look at the website and let us know your own stories - we'd love to hear from you.
  9. We've set up a new website about Weston Park http://www.westonpark.org.uk/yourwestonpark and are looking for stories from the people who have visited it over the years. In particular, we wondered if anyone has fond memories/funny stories about playing tennis on the courts in the park? Or perhaps some people out there remember watching Roger Taylor practice there (before he went on to play at Wimbledon)? It'd be great to hear from you, whether you play tennis or any other sport in the park - we've seen people with frisbees, kids kicking a football around with their parents. Does anyone know if there has ever been any fun runs through the park? Or other sporting events? Or perhaps you remember the 'good old days' when the park keeper insisted that you 'keep off the grass'!!
  10. Does anyone remember going to any of the ‘Dolebusters’ events in Weston Park in the 1980s? We’d like to know the dates they took place, who performed and who went along. Any details or photographs would be appreciated. If you visit http://www.westonpark.org.uk/yourwestonpark and click on the ‘join in’ link, you can add your stories or photographs directly to the Your Weston Park project website.
  11. Does anyone have any memories of music concerts or events that took place in Weston Park? I have seen photographs of rock concerts that took place in 1970s. Does anyone remember the names of the bands that played there? Did anyone go to the Big Breakfast Roadshow that took place there in the nineties? Were there any other concerts or different types of music performances that you remember? I'd love to hear your stories. You can also add your story or any photographs you may have to a community history website, at http://www.westonpark.org.uk/yourwestonpark
  12. There will be a phone-in all about Weston Park on BBC Radio Sheffield on Tuesday 17th July from 2.20pm-3.00pm. Rony Robinson will be asking listeners to call with their memories of Weston Park, or their stories about the park today. If anyone is interested in finding out more about the history of the park or has a story they want to share, why not tune in on Tuesday afternoon. BBC Radio Sheffield is on 104.1FM, 88.6FM, 94.7FM and DAB digital radio.
  13. Has anyone noticed there are some big changes taking place in Weston Park? The City Council is conducting a regeneration project that will see many of the park’s original features restored to their former glory. What do you think of the changes you are seeing? Do you have any memories of the park in the past? There is currently a project running alongside the regeneration of the park called 'Your Weston Park: a living history'. The project team are collecting your stories and photographs of Weston Park for a booklet that will be launched in October to celebrate the regeneration of the park. You can add your stories or photographs online by going to http://www.westonpark.org.uk/yourwestonpark and clicking on the ‘join in’ link.
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