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  1. Well up for a curry tonight but can't really be bothered to go into town - anywhere nearby Hillsborough that does takeaway or delivery that anyone can recommend? Cheers
  2. Hi, Just wondered if there is any where in Sheffield or nearby that has karaoke booths? I love it but would rather sing in a room with friends and really have a laugh than stand up infront of loads of ppl I don't know! Also, it means you get loasd of goes!
  3. Hi, Just wondered if anyone could reccommend a salon where they have had a particularly good experience with a difficult or complicated dye job? My hair has been coloured a very intense red for years (10 plus) and I now want it stripped out back to its original dark blonde colour. I am well aware that this is a long and painful and expensive task but after getting one quote from a prominent salon on West Street, I still think it was overpriced. Any help would be great as I need it done before Sept!
  4. I recently moved to Sheff with my bf and having been absolutely skint, have't had much money to go out! However, we have friends coming over tonight adn we're heading to the drum n bass night at the Plug. I just wondered if anyone could suggest a few nice pubs/bars to go to beforehand? I am well aware that there aren;t many places worth drinking at in Hillsboropugh (or well, thats what I've picked up - please excuse me if I am wrong) but have been told that tehre are some nice places in Crookes to go to. We're all in our mid 20s and like a bit of music (not cheesy pop/chav tunes) and my bf loves real ale... any help greatly appreciated!
  5. I'm moving to Hillsborough in August and was welcoming the idea of a Wspoons for employment having worked in one before in Lancaster. I'm worried now though as my fella and I like a nice local in the evenings (NOT a wspoons!) and it sounds as though there aren't very many/any nice pubs in Hillsborough! Someone help us out as we're going to be 'lost' when we get there!
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