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  1. We had one lst night. Have to say overall, very impressed! We usually go to Bangla Cottage but the offer was too tempting! It came in 30 mins like they quoted, was really hot and was tasty too. Portions a little smaller than normal but tbh there's always too much anyway! Bhajis were lovely, as was naan and thought the pilau rice was delish. My only reservation was that it was very very salty. I know this is often the case but I thought it was overly salty and I've never had this with Bangla.
  2. yeah, have done. Still don't get your point. Perhpas you'd be so kind as to elaborate and get past your three word huff?
  3. He talked about MARRIAGE, not heterosexual relationships!
  4. I think you'll find in most Secondary State Schools with decent Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE) that these things are already taught! I should know, it's my job teach teach it! Whether it's covered by PSHE lessons (sexual orientation, prejudice, human rights, coming out, different types of families) or RE lessons (topics such as marriage, same sex relationships) or Citizenship lessons (civil partnerships, human rights) or even Sociology (family units, marriage, roles within the home, gender studies) it's actually mor difficut to avoid talking about it than to talk about it! Young people (I mean 30 and under i suppose) are much more comfortable than you might imagine with ideas of sexuality and gender. I think it's important, in the light of comments about Thai LGBTs, that we recognise that sexual orientation is not fixed. As mentioned earlier, it's a spectrum and one that is constantly shifting. Just because a teenager comes out as gay at 15, does not mean that he will be or has to be gay at 25 or 30. I believe it the role of an educator to fight prejudice and discrimination. As the state, and schools, take on the role of parenting children more and more (reasons for this are another topic entirely!) then it is our job to challenge beliefs and to get younf people to be awkward minds -ask questions, stand up for what they believe in, be more aware....
  5. I think it's a great idea. I live in the north of the city, but am always happy to walk for a decent lunch! I hope it goes well for you - it is my long term plan to open a veggie bistro somewhere in the country (not Sheff now maybe!!!).
  6. It is s shame that the pubs are rubbish. We're a young professional couple and would love to have a local - I'm not talking about a trendy wine bar, but somewhere to chill out at the weekend. It seems to be a bit 'us' and 'them' to be honest and I don't want to stay in a pub where you get stared at when you walk in. We drink in town if we want to go out, feel much more comfortable! As for the traffic nightmare, yeah i spose it is if you work in the sity but then get the tram! It's brill for me as I work near Huddersfield and all the traffic is going the other way!
  7. :cool:I moved to Hillsborough from the North West about 18 months ago. We live right on the park and it's lovely. Very quiet and peaceful. We've never had any trouble there.
  8. I asked them about 3 months ago and they said they don't know - you've got to just keel checking the website. Humberside aer recruiting though...
  9. Well, even if no one else is that impressed - I am! I've lived in Hillsborough for 15 months and drive to and from Holmfirth every day for work and it's the frist time I've ever been able to drive down that piece of raod! It saces me up to 15 mins per day which is bloody brilliant - I can now lie in til 6.45 am!
  10. Who really gives a flying <Removed> There are bigger problems in the world to worry about! If you didn't like the deal, you should've said "Ok, no thanks, I don't want them now" and left. I bet you continue to shop there even though you thinks its 'sexist'.
  11. thanks for all your replies. Yes the reason I want to go to somewhere that only does MOTs and not repairs is because I know that as a young, female, I often get ripped off with jobs that don't need doing. I'm not completely feckless when it comes to cars, and maintain my own car well, but I couldn't tell if they were lying about a certain job that needed doing, and I certainly wouldn't know how to tell if they had actually completed any said job. Think I'll try that place that only does servicing and MOTs then.
  12. Does Sheffield have a council run MOT centre? You know, the ones that only test, but don't repair? Failing that, can anyone recommend a garage in S6?
  13. i bought a stunt kite from meadowhall the other week! Woolworths have bargain £1 ones but they're not great.
  14. Roughly how much do you think it'd be for a car arudo place to remove an old steroe and put ina new one? I just need my rear speakers connecting as well but all the wiring is done.
  15. We have 20 mb broadband, the standard free TV package and unlimited free calls anytime to landlines all for £30 a month!
  16. Does anyone know of a shop/supermarket that will happily give me some boxes? I'm movinh house on Tuesday and need to strt packing up today!
  17. I got to Rejuvenate opposite Netto on Middlewood Road. The therapists are really friendly there.
  18. Never been beofre, it being only my 2nd summer in Sheff this year. Looks good, and coincides with my housewarming party!
  19. I think they need a new Lidl, I shop there and it seems that they don;t have enough space! You're right about the parking at the minute though, is a bit of a nightmare. Went on Sunday last week and it was mad! Try going midwwek, it's better. with regards to the work - I'm sure there are some kinda laws to protect you against that? It's not fair to be woken up by them, and still to hear them at bed time!
  20. What about the cancer patients that have cancer due to selfishly inflicting it upon themselves by smoking?! Never mind those around them!
  21. My tea tastes perfect and I'm in Hillsborough! We can't all have the skills you know!
  22. good - bahn thai, wig and pen, cafe guru bad - mama and leonies, que tal, nirmals,
  23. Does anyone know anywhere in S6 that will let me sign on my credit card as I have NO IDEA what my PIN is! I rang my bank and they said it's up to the shop whether you can sign or not. Left my purse at work for the whole weekend so need to use my credit card! HELP!
  24. I really enjoyed it, first time I've been! Will defo go next year!
  25. Yup, some knob heads spoilt it for everyone. What a disappointment.
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