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  1. I've got an old Pentax ME Super which I haven't used for around 4 years. However, it has always had an intermittent problem in that it winds on twice meaning that i waste half my film. Can anyone recommend a good place to take it to? Perhaps I am better off just buying a new body??
  2. Hi Aissa, I'm a teacher and wouldn't mind helping you. Although, my french is ropey to say the least! Send me a private message if you still need help. Jennie
  3. I drive Sheff to Holmfirth every day and the route is fine - The road has never been closed. Set off with enough time and even if you encounter a problem you've got enough time to find a way round it.
  4. I thought it was ace tbh. Yr right though, it dd empty after Squarepusher
  5. OMG I have been waiting all my life for this..... I don't know anyone who wants to go!!! AAAARGH! Maybe I'll just come on my own.
  6. Aww did no one go? I'm so sorry!! I feel really guilty as I really wanted it to happen as well... nightmare. What a let down! I promise I'll make it next time.... as long as I don't get struck down with swine flu or something!
  7. Sorry guys, not gonna make it... Got an infected wisdom tooth which is NOT pleasant! I'm SO annoyed as well cos I really wanted to come! I'll definitely make it next tiem - PROMISE! Jen
  8. yeah I'll come along if it's definitely on?
  9. I know all 'about the area' thanks. Luckily, I spend most of my time when at home, inside - you know, actually, in the house. bigheffa21, I've seen your other posts and thanks for the advice, but you don't fill me with confidence. MissM - howdy neighbour! Definitely a glass of wine please!! (Or a bottle!) Yes, I'm a teacher, secondary. In fact, I had better go and get ready - about to go back to work for a sponsored 'Stayawake' til 9 am tomorrow. Madness! PM me if you fancy meeting up, it'd be nice to get to know someone there. I am moving out of my house as me and my boyfriend have split up after 3 years so could definitely do with meeting some new people to have the odd natter with!x
  10. Yeah I've got a halogen hob, I normally clean them with a degeaser and a dishcloth.. don't know what this 'blade' is! I'll be there most days from when I move in as I'm on summer holidays from work! I'll be doing lots of nosing too!! I'm going to be looking out for you nosing on me now!! I looked at the cupboards in my flat and they seemed quite deep, I expect ours are quite different as mine's only a one bed.
  11. No, I viewed a month ago - haven't been round since. I've lived all over the place, but I've already been in Sheffield for 2 years, I live in Hillsborough. There are already blinds in my apt but I'm gonna stick up a pole and just sort it out when I go. I think there is a ledge in my bathroom where I can prop up a mirror.. I'll get round it somehow! Kinda pleased I've 'spoken' to someone who lives there, I was beginning to think it was a proper ghost town! Royal Mail emailed me to tell me it's definitely S6 3BA but that might only be for regents house!!
  12. You sound dead pleased with the place! I'm glad- moving in on 28th. I think my block is going to be pretty empty too! I'm renting, so not too concerned about cracks in walls! I'm jealous of your balcony though, I don't get one as I'm on the top floor. Maybe we could meet for drink when I move in? I've had the same problem with the postcode - are you using S6 3BA? The estate agents told me S6 3BQ but that's the flats across the road.
  13. I need to buy a decent set (or kit) of face paints tomorrow in m'hall. A starter kit woud be the best... any ideas??
  14. Argh! Can't come! Only evening I can make next week is Weds.
  15. Anyone moved in there yet? I'm eager to know what people think about it... Moving in in a month. Saw some removal vans outside today so I figure it's beginning to fill up a bit?
  16. Is this a non starter? I was really looking forward to it! Need to get out and meet some new ppl!
  17. any day but mondays is good for me!
  18. I'm office hours too, so evening or wkend best for me. JaLucy sounds like a good venue (I've never been in!). Moving soon, but Hillsborough's still not going to be too far. I hope you really are patient!!
  19. Ohhh me too! I can sing in tune, and I really enjoy it, but wouldn't say I'm brill! Been in choirs etc before too. Let me know how you get on Loupoppins!
  20. I live in Hillsborough and really want to learn how to knit - I've had a go at following all those vids but it's just not the same as having someone there! I get myself all tangled up! I can travel, so would be happy to meet anywhere. I work mon-fri.
  21. I don't work in the city, I work 20 miles north of it so it's really handy for Penistone Rd, plus closer to the city for the weekend than I have previously been. I don't want to live right in the city as I like some quiet, but the house I'm in at the mo is too expensive to keep on on my own - it's a case of needs must really! The flats are really well done out, nice and bright. Just worried as I've never lived in a flat before!
  22. I'm thinking of moving there.. just wondered what people think of it! Any comments appreciated! I'm thinking about the Regents block by the way (the smaller one, further away from the road).
  23. it's a megarider so for bus or tram. Mine was addressed to my partner but I used it. The conductor hadn't seen one before but didn't question me! Ooh, naughty.
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