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  1. Where can i get rolling papers and baccy at this time? N Sheeff
  2. I need a copy of Exposed for this month - does anyone know where there are any left. It seems Hillsborough L C have stoppped getting them.
  3. I suppose I have to say that if Cad is as open and frank about his (non)intentions with his potential partners as he is on here, then I have to admire him. I would never enter into a relationship with someone who obviously doesn't consider it to mean anything to them. I agree that most relationships do hurt and they do cause pain, but isn't that what being a human is about? We are living, breathing, sentient beings and when we develop an emotional attachment to someone, there is always the risk of being hurt. I am unclear whether Cad actually allows himself to develop emotional attachments or not.. it doesn't really sound like he does. For me, this isn't a relationship - it's just finding company in someone and perhaps physical gratification. Ever read Nietzsche Cad...??!
  4. Living the dream... I think it's quite sad that you are so 'down' on marriage. I don't think it's for me either, but I'd never go around berating the institution! Each to their own isn't it?! It sounds like you have been burnt in the past, or perhaps know someone that has and to be honest, you come across as scared of commitment. I have to be honest and say that all the things you mention are material and it makes you seem shallow. There's nothing wrong with wanting to get married, and we're all perfectly capable of seeing the statistics - people can make their own choices. However, it's not fair to suggest that a measure of happiness can be taken by whether you own your home, how much money you have in the bank and how young your current partner is!
  5. She is right though... that tall, bald man is ALWAYS on the cardiowave!
  6. can anyone point me in the direction of the menus online?
  7. It's a nice looking building so such a shame to get rid of it! It could've been converted into apartments or something? Anyway, looks as though demolition is imminent now that the demolition crew's banner has gone up. I was wondering - do you think it'll be take down bit by bit or do you think it'll be blown up in an exciting way?!
  8. I read it too Danny - same - it was emailed through! I went with Virgin Media and they installed a BT line for free - only a 12 month contract too. Sorry, guess that's not very helpful now! I wondered what you were up to posting at midnight?! A few drinkies??! I would say "Hi" but I don't know what you look like! It's nice that you've got to meet some people in the block. I only just met one other person in our block (Neverthere) and MissM in the other block. We should all go for a few beers sometime....?
  9. Save yourself a whole lot of bother. I can honestly say I would NEVER recommend Slater Barlow. Just don't put yourself through the bother of it. They'll be sweet as pie while they show you round, move you in and take your money off you then you get no service whatsoever. Go with Saxton Mee, at least they're in Sheffield. Slater Barlow shouldnt be allowed to trade if you ask me. There are niggles, as with all new builds and they are usually small problems to sory out. It only become a majour pain the ass when you can't get hold of your letting agents for weeks on end! I like my flat and the area's fine. Be sensible and take all your valuables out the car and stuff like that. It's just like any other area. I was a little apprehensive about living this close to the city centre and, well, Upperthorpe tbh but it's fine -dead handy for town and tesco as well.
  10. Foudn today at 4pm in S6 large Harris Hawk. Have rung the Independent Bird Register but nothing back from them as yet. PM me if you think it's yours.
  11. need a pub with good grub for lunch tomorrow that will offer a half decent veggie option. I don't mind not having a veggie sunday roast type thing, just as long it's tasty and well cooked. Any ideas?
  12. Let me guess neverthere.... You're with slater barlow??! I have no end of trouble with these ridiculous people, I'd be interested to hear your experience as I've madey complaints about them formal and taken them to the ombudsman. Pop down for a brew sometime- I don't know anyone in my block! Perhaps you could add to the gossip club me n missM have got! With regards to your aerial, mine doesn't work v well either. Send one of those defect forms through to harrisons to let them know, it's their job to sort it out. You'll have to wait a bit and the send arsey emails to het it done but it'll probably happen in the end! I never bothered getting mine sorted out!... Still waiting for them to do the intercom, heater in my hallway, and the keypad which sometimes chooses not to work! Aargh!
  13. How did it go with the council tax? Mine's a 1 bed and a band B! It is so stupid - used to have a 3 bed house that was an A band!
  14. Can't wait for this! Can the fancy dress be any theme or does it have to be alice in wonderland/mad hatter's?
  15. Where acn I buy synthetic dreads in Sheffield? I'm pretty sure I'll be able to put them in ok, just want to go and make sure I buy the right length and colour.
  16. As an RE teacher who's an athiest, I find the OP's post very worrying and upsetting. What a shame that people are so anti a completely voluntary opportunity! At the end of the day, no-one will force you to go - the evnents are just there if you are interested. Maybe some people on this thread should take the opportunity to go.. perhaps they will learn something? If not, well at least I would hope that they'd find that it's not what they think it is! As for those saying 'What about no-faith week' - well it is! As far as I'm aware (from my perspective anyway, and that's a Kirklees rather than Sheffield one) this week is about tolerance, understanding and developing awareness. Certainly at my school, we teach about those of no faith as well of those of faith. I would never want my take on things to be 'missed out' simply because I don't belong to a 'group'. With regards to the funding issues, it would seem that it's Lottery funded. I haven't read all the links as I don't have time. Even if it's not, to simply suggest that the Government have 1 pot of money from which all things are funded is ridiculous. Of course we can't cancel inter-faith week and fix the roads instead. Whoever wrote that post needs to learn about how Government works; even better, perhaps they should contact their local MP if they're that bothered? I personally feel that these events are really important and I support them whole heartedly. If you're unsure - why don't you pop along and find out. I'd be interested to know what you think.
  17. I have long, ver thick curly hair and I use REF products - the moisturising shampoo and conditioner. I buy them from Creator where I get my hair cut. Can't tell you how much difference these products have made to my hair! Never used to wear it curly, but wear it down and curly ALL the time now!.. Gonna check out the link to see if they are cheaper than Creator!
  18. Thank you! I was beginning to have a mild panic that my recipe would have change!! I love the stuff!!
  19. I need some fresh smoked garlic for a recipe today... any ideas about where i can get it?
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