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  1. I've got a funny feeling that B&M's might sell it...
  2. Could be a milk allergy (lactose intolerance)? My brother was the same when he was little.
  3. Creative accounting is my speciality!! Drinks/coffee/whatever people can afford sounds great. I'll PM you my FB!
  4. Argh, this is the thing Jade told me about?... Can't come I'm afraid - got no cash til pay day on Thursday!
  5. How many are up for a drink in a city centre bar and then see how it goes?
  6. Well, you've got to take a risk every now and then, and yes - I do know how you feel. I'm very much in the same boat regarding work colleagues etc. To be honest, it's unlikely that you'll meet people you just 'click' with if you randomly meet up and sit and get drunk so the idea begind organising a meal/social activity is that everyone put in the same position of having to take part - kind of makes the playing field a bit more level eh? Of course, once you find some people that you get on with, you can get ****** on a night out then! Everyone's tired after work, but you're more likely to meet new people if you take up a new interest/hobby. If all you do is go to work and you don't like/match with the people at work, then you're going to stay stuck in the same position. I don't want to sound like I'm having a pop, it's just that I've had this conversation with myself many times in the last year! Petals86 and I intend to meet up soon and I know she;s met some other people from this thread as well. We could make a facebook group if you want? I'm happy to do that if it's easier/less weird for people?
  7. Why don't use just google "rental car comparison" and use one of the comparison tools? It's not rocket science....
  8. I've also found this at Thou Art. They're not cheap either (for piercings and jewellery) so to be honest they can stick their attitude! I don't why they seem to make it into some kind of competition between the people who work in the front of shop over who can be most pierced/tattooed/generally disfigured I've nothing against tatts and piercings, I have some of my own, I just don't feel the need to look down on people who have less or more than me!
  9. We're back on weds, kids back on Thursday. It's standard that teachers start a day before the kids so that everything's ready for the when the kids arrive!
  10. I'm in the same boat ladies! I'm 26, been in Sheff 3 years. Met a few people, but would really enjoy more female company of the same age! Most people at the school where I work are 40+. Would love to meet up for something - others have discussed things like this in the past and have held bowling nights, pub meet ups etc but I've never been available for one. Let me know if you all fancy meeting up.
  11. Smilehair - your PM inbox is full. Can you fit me in at 11am on Monday?
  12. No, but I've got quite long nials, it;s just that they tend to thin and peel. I'm not sure of extensions are really right for me. I don't want something that's going to damage my natural nail underneath. What do you think?
  13. Hi Smilehair, What are you extensions made of? Are they silk or acrylic?
  14. I don't shop there purely for the reason that their staff are so rude. In fact, I used to drive past it just to go to another supermarket! I used to work on the checkouts when I was a student and you'd get told off for talking over customers to the person on the next till! Those lot seem to think that customers are invisible and talk right through you. It's much less stressful to go somewhere else. I'd rather not give them my money.
  15. That was some creative thinking!! Thanks for the help.. decided to ride it up there anyway and indeed there is a cycle rack!
  16. Is there anywhere to secure my bike at the leisure centre? Looked on the website and it says they're going to install a bike shelter but was wondering if anyone knows if there's a railing to lock it to?
  17. My trekking rucksack needs repairing too - the zip on one of the pockets has broken. Do you know anywhere that'd be able to replace the zip? The cheaper the better really!
  18. I thought that too! Surely after all that planning, that wasn't the intended outcome?!
  19. Thanks very much ladies and gents - will try West St tomorrow!
  20. I need some really small baby aubergines to make this tasty Lebanese dish. does anyone know where I can get them? Preferably in the north of the city/city centre.
  21. Hi, Just joined your fb group. I've been in Sheff 3 years and find it really hard to meet people, especially living by myself. Would love to meet up with some new people, really miss my girly friends as they all live so far away! All I seem to do is work! Things at the weekend are best for me as I have really early starts in the week but I'd be happy to try anything really!
  22. Does anyone know if there are any salons in Sheffield that do Xen Tan spray tans?
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