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  1. Have you rung the local police and reported this? It is an offence to fail to stop at the scene of an accident and at least leave details. If the owner of the damaged car needs to claim, they'll need a crime reference number from the police. When they ring up to get this, the local police will cross reference it to see if anyone has reported seeing it as a witness - this is where they'll find what you reported (much more likely to be of use in this way, rather than checking SF).
  2. Hi - looking for a pedicure and minx toes somewhere in s6 or city centre - can anyone recommend?
  3. Are there any hippy/boho type shops that sell clothing in Sheffield? I'm thinking of the kind of stalls you get at festivals -tends to be made in India/Nepal type stuff.
  4. Does anyone know of a good place for Minx nails in S6, city centre or mobile? I know hair kandi do them, but was wondering if there's anywhere else?
  5. Does anyone know if they're open on a Sunday?
  6. It does state that there are minimum LOWS, but not maximum highs - only guidelines which don't have to be legally adhered to! Still, this afternoon it was 24 in there which is at the top range for a room where there is low physical activity (e.g. sick room - this is from a teaching union webiste!!) so, hardly the most useful temperature for a gym!
  7. The fans are ok, bu the thing is that all they do is blow around hot air - it actually needs cooling down. It is dangerously hot in there sometimes, I agree. I'll sign a petition, but I think that if all the miffed people wrote individually, it'd probably make more impact - they can't ignore 30 individuals but they may 'write off' a petition? Just my opinion...
  8. I'll email them. I suppose I shouldn't just moan about it, I should probably make more of an effort to try and get them to sort it out. In general, I just find a few of the staff in the gym a bit nonchalant and apathetic. The number of times there's no blue roll in there yet there's one or two member of staff just standing round and chatting...
  9. I've been going there for 4 years and it's NEVER been a comfortable temperature! They're awful at getting back to you when you have a gripe about something. I just don't believe that they can't fix it - surely if it's that broken, they could just replace it? I understand that'd cost a lot of money - but we are paying for it! The price keeps going up and up and up and yet they can't fix something as simple as the air con.
  10. Just bought a Lomo fisheye 2 so going back to 35mm for a bit! It seems that in the 6 years I've been digital, prices have really gone up on 35mm - and that they're not as easy to find on the high street either! I was wondering if anyone had any tips on cheap places to buy half dencet 400ISO 35mm (multipacks ok) and where to get them processed. I think I'd like them on cdrom as well as peint as I know that fisheye photos can be hard to scan in due to the irregular esges caused by the lens. I don't mind sending them away to be done....
  11. What time's DJ Fresh on? Also for guestlist - what time is last entry?
  12. Slater Barlow AREN'T the only ones who manage apartments in this building! Although, I'm sure that's what they led you to think!
  13. So - provisional planning permission has been approved. Time to look for a new place to live come Christmas then....
  14. ALL residents of Peninsula buildings, please viewthis planning application for a 6 story student accommodation block to be built at the end of Cross Bedford Street. It aims to house 71 students in 18 apartments, with only 16 parking spaces!! You've got until the 28th January to write you comments on the website. http://planning.sheffield.gov.uk/publicaccess/tdc/DcApplication/application_detailview.aspx?keyval=LDQ6OYNYFY000
  15. Have you got Dawn's mobile? I'll PM you with it if you want. She promised me she'd answer it 'night and day' after my last rant. She never has though. I spose it's another point of contact though. I personally find emails the best way - threatening ones though. The words 'ombudsman' and 'legal responsibilities' seem to work quite well. Know your stuff as well - there's quite a lot of useful info here: and i've quoted it at them many times!
  16. No, I'm pretty sure it's the VAT increase in the petrol. It was mental (but still moving) this morning up there.
  17. I've got 40cm calf measurements and have to go to Duo boots for my normal boots. Luckily though, I tried on a pairf of wellies in BandQ the other day and I can get my legs in them - just! Couldn't tucks jeans in, but can wear leggings with them. Best thing was, they're only £11!
  18. Does anyone know if there's anything decent on in town on this date? Don't fancy NYE but got friends over on the 1st....
  19. How do you find out where your nearest grit bin is? Is there a website? We've only got a small road and I need to get out tomorrow...
  20. It's Eid tonight... are the guys that run it Muslim? It's a long shot, but could be the answer?
  21. What a shame it wasn't open in time for Diwali... or was it? Is there a website for the gurdwara? Would LOVE to go and visit!
  22. What a great idea, and long overdue! I hope they're well used.. it'll save me walking home in the cold cos I'd rather pay a small ticket price than a fiver in a taxi for a 1 mile journey.
  23. Aww - just join in! Went for the first time last week. It's fine. Not hard at all. I was on my own as well, most people had come as small groups but it really doesn't matter as you're moving most of the time anyway. Come on Thurs.
  24. Is it still on this week? I couldn't make it last week but quite fancy coming this week to see if I can manage to keep up!! What do I need to bring? Just water?
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