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  1. Hi,


    want my nose pierced again. Was going to go to Thou Art but I've read some v negative things about almost all the staff leaving, etc and their facebook posts are so annoying! - three or four a day advertising 'walk in' slots for piercings and tattoos (I don't believe anyone should just walk in, especially for a tatt!)


    Anyway, with that in mind, I'm not sure where to go. Feline's piercer isn't in tomorrow so that rules that one out. I'm in S6 but don't mind anywhere in town really. Any ideas?

  2. Jennie there is also usually a 12 month warranty as well with Harrison's used equipment. (ps: I don't work there I am just a customer)


    ha ha! That'd be brilliant for me - I've just had a look at their 2nd hand site - it looks really reasonable. I can't wait to go down have a play with the cameras!

  3. Hi


    I'm looking to buy my first DSLR. I'm going travelling so am looking for something fairly light. I wondered if anyone has any experiences of the compact slr systems? I'm looking at the pentax q in particular. Alternatively, im happy to buy a standard dslr but want to be able to try them out in person and am probably looking for second hand/reconditioned.. Any advice about where to go? It has to be a shop as im paying on card.

  4. I've bought a new head unit for my car, but now the ack speakers don't have anywhere to plug in to - I know it's a quick/small job but I just can't figure it out myself! All the speakers in the car are wired in and have worked previously, I just need the mess behind the head unit sorting - can anyone recommend somewhere cheap, or does anyone do this kind of thing themselves? I'm reluctant to take it to an ICE place because I know I'll get ripped off.



  5. Hi All,


    Have decided to make the move to DSLR after a looong time of not using my SLR. I have a couple of cameras: Pentax ME Super with lens (doesn't always wind on properly) and a ChinonCG-5 with lens which is in perfect working order. I also have a couple of flashes, filters etc which I've never uesd as they were 'hand me downs'. I've also got a Hoya zoom& Macro lens 75-260mm.

    Basically, I'm wondering where the best place is to sell all this stuff for a resonable price, or to part exchange it. I want to get a digital SLR and I'm happy with 2nd hand. I'm going travelling next year and want to take a decent camera with me. Thought it would be sensible to spend a year getting to know it first!


    Any ideas?

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