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  1. you may not sell on the general boards please use the classified section. closing
  2. thanx cat86 but when your already on the platform it to much to go to the bus station as it means going up and down lifts again to get out of the station so men are still at a disadvantage again.
  3. went to doncaster today for a day out with my grandson, had a great day untill i got to the train station and needed to change his nappie, all i could find were women toilets with child changing rooms, i went to the office to ask where are the one's for a man to go into to change a child and was told they only have toilets with child changing rooms in the female ones, so i had to change him on the platform how bad was that and how in this day and age can something like this be allowed to happen, talk about sexist. i was so angry. all they could say is, we have never had them, you tell me then is it only women that take kids out then ? or don't men exist around kids
  4. why when someone makes a thread do you get idiots on causing trouble for no good reason ???? SHEFFGROW,, DO YOU WORK FOR R.C.A. ???
  5. in my story i basically asked if anyone knew to where i could complain to against the company but no one is, there just trying to tell me the fair is about right when the company admitted it was wrong, i may as well stop the thread as no help is given,, i just hope you don't get robbed like we did by ( R.C.A.TAXI'S ).
  6. R.c.a. Management addmitted the fare should have been £14.50, but refused to remburse me due to i did not have a reciept from the driver,,, who the hell ask's for a reciept ????? Bethsmummy do you ???
  7. sheffgrow,,, i was quoted by another taxi company, first class cars and was told the fare should be (£14.50 NOT £20).
  8. chappletown to hackenthorpe, auto 98uk and as for you sheffgrow, if we all forgot about it, the situation would only get worse, they would all be doing it and it's not the fiver it's the principle of the point.
  9. my family and i went to a friends 21st birthday party, on calling for a taxi from the R.C.A. company, we got in and at the other end the driver charged me £20, i did not argue with him as i had my wife and children in the car. i got out knowing i had been overcharged so at once i phoned another taxi company to find out how much they would have charged me, and they said £14.50, so i notified r.c.a. taxi's, to cut along story short, they refuse to pay me back the difference of the fair which that was all i was asking. i have called and spoke to the manager on 3 occations with no joy. can someone plz give me a clue how to go further on this matter as i feel very strongly that for the driver, this is not his first time in overcharging customers, TAXI'S ARE EXPENCIVE ENOUGH WITHOUT BEING ROBBED. THANX.
  10. ilkinstons travel on the moor,, they can beat anyone and if you see anyone that do better than them then tell them and they check it out and even give you a rate higher, i go away 3 times a year and have always used them, hope you find this usefull. p.s. definatly (NOT) the post office. AND IVE ONLY USED THE EURO IN GREECE, I DON,T THINK THEY ACCEPT THE BRITISH POUND ??
  11. Property Offered Area: TOP END HACKENTHORPE Type of Property: HOUSE Number of Bedrooms: 3 Landlord: Council Any other information: GOOD BUS ROUTE, CLOSE TO SCHOOL'S AND SHOPS AND 3 MIN WALK TO TRAM. NICE GARDEN FRONT AND BACK, BACK GARDEN DECKED OUT. Property Wanted Area: WHARNCLIFFE SIDE, DEEPCAR, STOCKSBRIDGE. Type of Property: BUNGALOW Number of Bedrooms: 1 OR 2 Landlord: Council Any other information: MUST BE ON TRAM LINK, CAN DO 3 WAY SWOP IF MY PROPERTY IS TOO LARGE ??.
  12. i want to take my wife out for our anniversary and she loves indian meals, who can tell me the best one around west street or close too it. thanx all.
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