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  1. Would you be happy to be charged double by muslims during ramadan then?
  2. a) supply and demand as has been mentioned b) they are in a Christian country and they are following our norms c) they don't charge extra during Ramadan so why shouldn't they charge the same as non-muslims at Christmas
  3. They have described her as a "prisoner of conscience" and condemned the verdict.
  4. They might be a bit miffed if you lied to them about it. If people are happy for their partner to "play snooker" with others that's not infidelity, it's when it's behind their back that it becomes a problem and for some it may be the fact that it's sex, for many it's the lying and breakdown of trust that's the biggest problem.
  5. Mel, there are two issues here. First is whether it is acceptable to criticise, and to use what ever influence we have to change laws in foreign countries which are by our standards unacceptable. I'm not advocating invading any country that dares to have different laws to ours, indeed as I recall we still have blasphemy laws here even though in pracitice they are not enforced. However, it is perfectly reasonable to criticise what we regard as wrong, and many people seem to trot out this line about "we must respect their culture". No, we don't. We have every right to regard it as backwards and in practice murderous. The second is whether even with their stupid laws, has she actually broken them? The (muslim) parents of the children don't think so. Any sane Briton can clearly see she never intended to insult islam, she was allowing the children to name the bear after a class member, not the chap who made islam up. Indeed muslims have a differentiator when they are refering to the original muhammed they put peace be upon him or PBUH in parenthices after the name. So had young ted been named Muhammed (PBUH) then it's a fair cop, but it didn't, and she clearly meant no offence so even by the standards of their stupid laws it's a fit up. So can we criticise A) stupid laws and B) corrupt convictions which should not have happened even under their stupid laws? Damn right we can.
  6. Lucky for you we don't have the same laws as them as they have the death penalty for homosexuals, indeed lucky for you we don't have the same laws as pretty much any muslim country, as this map shows http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:World_homosexuality_laws.svg pretty much anywhere where the religion of peace and tolerance is the majority your sexuality would get you slung in jail, stoned to death, beheaded or hung.
  7. I agee, both the phobia part and the islam part don't work logically. As you said the phobia refers to an irrational fear and islam cleaarly refers to the islamic faith but the term is actually supposed to mean people who hate muslims.
  8. I support the deployment of the 26,000 troops that are currently being sent there.
  9. THEY interpret THEIR laws very conveniently to try and create a distraction from the genocide they are committing. I can't believe anyone would support these facsist lunatics.
  10. We understand that jailing teddy bear namers is part of their culture. We understand genocide is part of their culture. We have every right to criticise what is clearly an utterly revolting culture.
  11. She hasn't obviously done wrong at all. They have laws against insulting islam and inciting religous hatred, neither of which she has done. She's let some kids name a teddy after on of the kids in her class. As for their "laws", given the government and it's arab muslim warlord proxys is committing genocide against large chunks of their population, and they haven't as far as I'm aware legalised genocide, they don't seem that bothered about obeying their own laws themselves.
  12. I'm sure it's middle class white people shooting each other again.
  13. Quite. Sad that see so much of the city seems to be inhabited by utter dross.
  14. I think it's sweet of our total ******** community to spend a lot of cash just to signal to the Police that they are worth pulling over.
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