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  1. mom to her face (martha behind her back between sisters !)
  2. i think a forum group on family history research would be a great idea
  3. Omg! Never seen it this bad. I lve in s20 and the road and pavements are deathly. Think I might tram and train it today.
  4. we could do an online virtual game right now. everybody....... left hand on red !
  5. women who dress to the nines... and then leave the stickers visible on the soles of their shoes !!!!
  6. phoenix pub on white lane is nice, mosboro hall is nice too !
  7. My Dad worked there in the 80's and 90's i think. Kenneth Roberts - anybody remember him ??
  8. kaiser cheifs - tonight ! metallica on saturday then aida at the city hall next weekend (not really a gig - but looking forward to it all the same) then Snow patrol, Pink, basement Jaxx, thunder and eddie izzard to come later in the year !
  9. Hi popT, my mum lived on burrowlee road - just opposite hillsborough park. she was called cynthia hall and had a sister, rene and a brother ken .
  10. i like rice pudding and naked bottoms - heaven !!!
  11. mr goddard at thornbridge/birley school - was called 'little ern' - he was the spitting image of ernie wise !
  12. is this it - taken from http://tv.cream.org/a-z/c/index.htm CALLAN (1967-72) THAMES EDWARD WOODWARD played hardnut secret service "loose cannon" moping and snarling his way through Cold War Britain occasionally assisted by smelly sidekick called Lonely. Seminal in every sense, not least the swinging bare light bulb opening titles.
  13. it's all gone a bit quiet... did she respond ? has he been fired ??
  14. OMG - thunder have announced their last ever tour - on their 20th anniversary year. they are coming to sheffield city hall on 4th july just what am i going to do without my annual danny pilgrimage ????
  15. i went for tea on friday, and would echo most of the comments on here. its really cheap and you get lots for your money! on the more critical side.... i felt the chicken was not the best quality meat and the hot and spicy dishes were not that hot and spicy ! but if you are looking for cheap quick and cheerful - then you can't go too wrong here.
  16. here is the link to the webpage mentioned above - giving a bit more detail about the sculptor etc... http://public-art.shu.ac.uk/sheffield/lan152.html
  17. have you tried any of the old census records - to see if davys cottages are given as an address ??
  18. I stand corrected - glad you enjoyed the food - by way of an apology i will go there for a meal and eat my words. sorry !!!
  19. there is another old thread about class - which is much more interesting and less about trolling..... off to see if i can find it... found it... forgot I'd started it - makes me look a bit of wally now !! http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=39236&highlight=class
  20. surely if she was that good ... she would find you ..... (sorry couldn't help it - but it nudged your post back up to the top !!)
  21. only a few posts and plugging a new restaurant - do you work there perhaps ????
  22. i used the website and they came within a week to fix it. I thought it was good easy service actuallly. quite suprised me !
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